Monday, July 25, 2005

I'm Ready

OK, I've withheld my thoughts on Supreme Court appointee John Roberts. At first I was really thrilled that Bush had chosen a solid conservative and specifically someone whom he thought would rule based on the constitution as written as opposed to his or her interpretation thus making law from the bench. After reading all of the articles on John Roberts, and noting the obviously deliberate measured response from the left I was thinking this was a good thing. But my decision making did not stop there. I later read Ann Coulters' writing and she was clearly against John Roberts, and for some valid reasons. Ann is a smart cookie and I value what she has to say. I agree, we do not want to make another mistake like George senior did with his appointment and get a secret Liberal in there who will only reveal himself after the deed is done. This appointment is so critical, we really need to know for sure. So, I've been on the fence for some time now. This past weekend however, I think I was pushed into the I favor John Roberts arena. What happened was, one of the biggest slanted Liberal morons published by the news journal opened his big mouth. Yes, Bill Press gave his words, all of which were as usual scathingly negative. Thats what I was waiting for. I wanted a true Liberal radical a-hole to open up and let us know how his or her side really felt. I got what I needed, and I am now supporting the John Roberts appointment.

Not much else has been happening here in good old Delaware. Just the typical brain dead idiot Liberals writing in with the same old tired worn out crap. Its either Bush lied, the war is a big mistake, its all about the oil, Rove must go, Rumsfeld is a criminal, we need to be compassionate towards those who attack us, Bush is responsible for the wart on their behinds, and what ever. So I just have nothing of value to write about and bore readers to death with. There was one or two readers with working brains however. They both wrote in and said if Biden ran he would lose. I agree, he's a loser already, so he has nothing to lose.