Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Baffle Them With Bull

Many times when we read responses to Conservative writings by Liberals, its apparent that illiteracy reigns supreme amongst their ranks. But if one really pays attention, there are some Liberals who have mastered the trickery of slight of word. Many Liberals and Democrats are gullable saps who are teken in by catch words and phrases that Liberals and Democrats have used to their advantage many times to win them over. Its not that sometimes any one of us can be fooled, but I'm talking about those feeble minded dolts who are repeatedly take in by Liberal Democrat rhetoric and bull.

Liberals love to use the catch phrases to win support for themselves, and their beloved Democratic party. Currently, the Democratic party is realing from the constant exposure of the error of their ways. They are like lost bees looking for a hive to call their own and restore their twisted semblence of order. They are torn between the idea of making real change, or staying in denial about what their party represents. They just cannot accept the fact that they are wrong and need to change. They keep on attempting to cling desperately to old, outdated and corrupted ideals, and the proof is in their words.

I'll give some examples. First: They say the party stands for healthcare for every single American. This touches the hearts of all of the gullable followers who hear those words. Those heart warming, touchey feely words of love and hope. Bunk! For decades the Liberals and Democrats have promissed the same thing and to date have failed miserably to ever deliver! This translates into: Its an empty promise idiots. They say these words to touch your feelings, and get your vote then never deliver, ever. Second: They say that the party stands for public education that works and gets the necessary resources, with strict accountability. This again is a touching phrase meant to grasp the hearts of those with children in our schools. Sob... thats so touching....sniff. Oh yes they think, I want my child to have the best edication in the bestest schools and with the bestest resources. Well, again, the Liberals and Democrats have been promising the same crap over and over again, and have delivered NOTHING. Well, I will give credit where credit is due. They have delivered something. What we got was schools that are controled by Liberals, and who insist on teaching impressionable children that prayer in schools and anywhere public is wrong, and teaching impressionable children that gays are normal, and teaching impressionable children that if you don't even try and are in danger of failing that they will not hurt your feelings by telling you the truth about your progress or lack thereof, and other such Liberal nonsense. We've gotten an education system that is so structured to the left that teachers cannot do their job and no one gets diciplined. We have a system where the rules are bent to rediculous proportions to cater to the failures so they don't have their feelings hurt. But we also still have schools in serious states of disrepair, lacking qualified teachers and staff, and in desperate need of funding. So much for the Liberal Democrat promises. Third: They say that the party stands for a foreign policy that demonstrates both strength and respect for multinationalism. Golly gee that sounds so nice and peaceful, and euphoric. Let me take another hit off this bong.....(bubbling noises). The only foreign policy that the Liberals and Democrats ever delivered was one of appeasement. The same one that got thousands killed on 9/11, the same one who let North Korea get nukes, and the same one that let Iran fall into the hands of Islamic radicals. Spare me. The Liberal Democrats are exactly the reason things are the way they are today. Bad! Fourth: They say that the party stands for a tax structure that is fair. This is interesting because this has not happened either. Another touchey feely, feel good catch phrase meant to capture the hearts and votes of the lower and middle class, which is where the votes are. Thats all they want is the damn votes. They could give a rats ass about those people. All these Liberals and Democrats ever do is raise taxes. Every single time they get elected into office one of their first moves is to raise taxes. As usual, Liberals and Democrats cost me money! They cry poor while signing off on wasteful needless bleeding heart handouts to the undeserving. Its IS true about the label thats been affixed to this party, its IS the tax and spend party. Only they spend on the wrong things that help no one except their cronies, and some undeserving system warts. Fifth: They say that the party stands for jobs for every American. Oh, that would be woooonnnnddddfeeerrrrffffuuullll. Yet again, another slick catch phrase used by the Liberals and Democrats to win the hearts of the gullable working class (who happened to be out of work). They can no longer create jobs out of the blue than the pope can take a health crap in the woods. It can happen, but its not likely.

What they consistently fail to understand, and what their blind followers fail to see, is that when they tax the businesses and the people out the kazoo, it stymies business and business growth and the economy. If the businesses are struggling due to high tax overhead they do not hire, when they do not hire, they do not have people putting money into the economy, and its a domino effect. They constantly chastise Republicans for favoring businesses, but this is the right thing to do. Healthy businesses that are not burdened by taxes for needless crap programs are able to hire more people, pay higher wages, and in turn that flows back into the economy, and has an over all positive effect. So on this promise, they also fail to deliver as usual. Sixth: They say that the party stands for protecting the environment. Maybe so, and I'll say this is not all bad. The problem is that they take it to negative extremes. They go overboard with restrictions and rules that its symies progress and costs us and businesses money. I see that as a negative. In moderation, I have no problem with watching and controlling issues related to the environment. Seventh: They say that the party stands for energy independence. Now as soon as I stop laughing, I'll continue my writing. ROFLMAO! This has got to be some kind of joke. They bitch when we want to drill in Anwar, they bitch about when we want to drill in the Gulf of Mexico, they bitch about coal mining, they bitch about coal buring emissions, they bitch about pollution caused by refineries, they bitch and protest about nuclear facilities. Basically the way I see it, the only thing thats OK for these Liberals is manual power, that is if it meets their guidelines. They would be that everyone has had their health certifications allowing them to pedal, and of course they have the required permits, and have paid their pedal taxes which would be used to subsidize those who cannot pedal on their own. If they had their way we'd all be pedaling our way around on manual generator machines and watching TV as we pedaled our generators to run that TV, the light, and the Flintstones Mobile charger. Trog no like pedal generator no more! I've written before about how Liberals and Democrats do nothing but stymie progress and this is a prime example. They offer NOTHING of any use for the American public. They offer hollow words that to gullables who would vote for them, touch a heartstring and get won over. The gullable voter then votes for them thinking these things will come to fruition, and they never do. You'd think by now that these idiots would get it and wake up that voting for these jerks is a lost cause. Just look at their record, its speaks volumes.