Friday, July 29, 2005

Money Talks, Bullshit Walks

We have some state issues to bitch about today.

What is it with crooked politicians who are part of a political power strucutre? I mean people who are or were trusted to run a city or county who blatantly abuse the power of their positions and get off scott free? Former (thankfully) county head Gordon and his heanchwoman Freeberry basically got off scott free on charges that they abused the power of their offices by taking bribes and conducting other such criminal activity on the job. It was obvious that something was going on between Freeberry and her pal building the golf course. Suddenly Freeberry gets this boatload of money and then Freeberry is sticking her nose into the golf course project making sure its moving along. Yet some moron Liberal judge tosses all of this out saying he does not see any wrongdoing. Huh!? I know when I smell poop and this is a big pile of poop. All I can say is that all of the loosers, the judges, elected officials, DA's all of them are in cahoots with each other, and basically they make the legal system a pathetic joke. Gordon and Freeberry should be IN JAIL, but this is not likely to happen, and I'm ticked off about it.

The Department of Transportation has been pissing and moaning now for months about budget shortfalls and the lask of funding for much needed road improvement projects. We as residents of Delaware are quite concerned about this as we desperately need many of the legitimate projects to get started and finished. Namely a new interchange at Christiana for I-95 and Rt 1. So we see and read article after article about how legislators are going to try to come up with more funds but they don't want DEL DOT to hold their breath. The Governor will appeal to the feds for some funds and see what she can do. So this morning we see the headlines. More funds for Del Dot, but not enough to cover the 200 Million dollar shortfall. Now we have all of these jackal legislators down in Dover patting themselves on the back because they found a few bucks more for old Del Dot and closed the deficit gap. They claim that now roads will be paved, bridges will be built, and although they won't be paved in gold, the job will get done. Then we see the list of billcrap they are allocating millions of dollars towards. I find $41 MILLION dollars worth of bullcrap projects namely the items in the following list:

20 Million for a Riverfront Interchange. (Un-needed, there are several capable access routes into this area, we don't need a specific interchange built for a minor league staduim and a shopping center.)

6.75 Million for StreetScape work in Rehoboth. (This is a total waste. Its another feel good lets beautify the main street with trees and pretty flowers so the birdies will come and sing project. Spare me!)

4.77 Million for a Bike Trail. (Another total waste. This is a Parks and Recreation item, not a DelDot item.)

5.979 Million for University of Delaware Fuel Cell Bus Program. (This is another special interest waste of money. DelDot should not be funding private enterprise research projects.)

2 Million for Hydrogen Storage Research Facility for Delaware State U. (Yet another special interest waste of money. Again, DelSot should NOT be funding private enterprise research projects out of highway funds.)

1 Million for Dover Transportation and Community preservation project. (Yet another Liberal feel good waste of money on a needless beautification project. This should also fall to Parks and Recreation.)

1 Million for Energy Exploration Center in Rehoboth. (A third waste of highway funds on private research centers and projects that have nothing to do with highway improvements.)

So there ya go, how to waste $41.5 million dollars and cry that your poor.