Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sick Of Black Racism and Trayvon Martin Lies.

      I for one am sick and tired of the black racism in this country, and even more sick and tired of hearing the racist lies being propagated by the black race baiters regarding Trayvon Martin.
      When I was born nearly 60 years ago I was raised and taught to treat all people equally and with respect, and not to steal from them, or use them, and not to be prejudiced against them as we are all the same on the inside.  Over the years I have observed a different world first hand. Black people are nothing like me. I don’t steal, I do not murder others, especially those of my own culture, and I do not thrive on racism and use it in every facet of my life. I have observed blacks stealing, killing, raping, committing a variety of other offenses most often with a racial intent. I’ve watched as they rioted and looted and burned down buildings in cities like a bunch of animals. I’ve watched and listened as they marched and pleaded for equal rights. And I watched as they won over the legislature in Washington and obtained special laws that protected them above all others in the guise of Civil Rights. Worse yet, I watched and observed as they abused that special protection and those rights to gain unfair advantage in every facet of life.
       Today I simply avoid black people. I don’t hang out with them, and I have no desire to befriend them, and it's all because of their actions that I have observed over the last several decades. I am not racist or prejudiced, I’m informed. I’m informed of the reality of what black people are all about and what their goals are in life. I find that those who scream and yell racism the loudest, like NAACP, Al Sharpton, and other race baiters, are more likely the real racists, not me.
    George Zimmerman was a neighborhood watchman. All he was doing was watching, nothing more. He was not stalking anyone let alone some black teen who he did not know or see. He was aware of high crime in his neighborhood, and was watching for unusual activity. He spotted Trayvon acting in an unusual manner and watched him for a short while then called police to report a suspicious person. He never confronted Trayvon, and Trayvon never faced him either, so how is it that he knew this kid was black, or that Trayvon thought Zimmerman was White? They did not, but the race baiters continue to present that Zimmerman followed Trayvon simply because he was walking black. Wrong, that is simply race baiting. The 911 operator had to ask Zimmerman what the guy looked like and Zimmerman had to guess he was black. However, more accurately, as proven by the real facts in a court of law, Zimmerman had returned to his car. He did get back out when the suspicious person was no longer visible to him. Meanwhile, Trayvon, who was brought up in a typical black family gets angry because he was always taught to hate white people, and to never respect authority figures. He was angry because he felt some white authority figure was after him and following him around. So it was he, Trayvon Martin who snuck back around and snuck up on George Zimmerman and viciously attacked him, got him to the ground, got on top of him, and viciously beat him, not the other way around. But to hear the black racists tell it George Zimmerman continued to follow Martin, provoked a fight with him, and when it went south and he was losing shot him for no reason. More back racist denial and race baiting. Trayvon got killed because of the very culture that raised him, and millions of other black kids in the US today and the last several centuries. Their own racism and hate caused that boys death, period. 
     They do have on thing right though, nothing is going to change regarding the racial divide in this country until some serious changes are made. Those changes do not need to come from whites, Asians, Hispanics, and other non-black demographics, they need to come from blacks. They need to stop the racism game. They need to just as actively oppose and eliminate the NAACP, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and other black racist haters who thrive off of the propagation of race when there is none as they would a NAAWP or white supremacist preacher. Blacks need to teach their kids to respect authority, to respect the laws, to do good in school, and be honest with their dealings with others. Blacks need to stop teaching their kids how to insert racism into every facet of their lives and useing it to take advantage of others. Blacks need to stop the denial that their race is the cause of most of the black demographics issues today. Statistics show more blacks commit crimes of all types more than all the other demographics combined. They continually work to hide these facts by not publishing that the perpetrators of crimes or suspects the police are looking for were or are black. They need to stop with the denial bullshit game. They need to be responsible for their actions instead of playing the race card to get authorities to back off out of fear of being labeled racist. The word racist needs to be removed from the vocabulary just as much as the "N" word. They are always calling up the profiling issue as well.  They complain that police are only talking to them because they are black, and claim profiling. Sorry, blacks statistically commit more crime, they should be looked at more closely and more often, that is just common sense and quite justified. Until the blacks drop the use of race in all facets of their lives, and more importantly, when others stop allowing them to do that, then the problem of race in regards to blacks will  go away and we can all move on.