Wednesday, January 09, 2013

America - The Joke We Have Become

Each day now since the last joke they called an election, yes, that fixed event that took place back in November, the Liberals have gotten more arrogant and more ridiculous. Even the media has noted the increased arrogance and heightened sense of anger from the arrogant Socialist. Biden didn't wait until after the election to show his true arrogant colors. He was right out there being a condescending ass during the debate that he lost. Each day we see more Liberal idiocy in the local Liberal rag The News Journal. Just this last weekend, we had an opt-ed from a Neanderthal named Harry Themal, who ignorantly and arrogantly went on a rant calling the GOP Troglodytes. Only a Neanderthal would know the difference Harry, and you can retire and go fuck yourself any day now so the world can be rid of another Liberal cunt. Many other letters are from morons who believe the Liberal Media, and constantly try to berate the Republicans and blame them for all the country's ills in spite of the fact that they have no majority and no power and the blatant and often reported Constitution run arounds and Congressional procedural violations of the Democrats. These are the voters who re-elected the Socialist Community Organizer and the new Nazi Party of the US, the Democrats, because they were dumb enough to believe their lies in spite of overwhelming evidence that they could give a rats ass about them, except if your a union pussy.

Another topic we hear a lot about is the uproar about gun control. I for one am sick and fucking tired of hearing the calls from the feeble minded idiots who do not understand guns, fear guns because of the media hype, and know nothing about the Constitution. They would all have us believe that guns suddenly sprouted legs and waked into a mall or school and fired themselves killing numerous people. Wrong ass holes, guns are inanimate objects like knives, cars, rocks and nail encrusted 2X4's. It takes a human to wield and operate them in an inappropriate manner to make them kill as unintended. But you cannot tell these pea brains anything, all they see are dead people, dead kids and they start with the cries of banning guns, banning ammunition. In fact, proven fact by the way, if you take the means of defending yourself from the law abiding average citizen then they more often become victims. Now we have Joe the arrogant ass Biden being appointed to look into and make changes to gun laws. I can see this will be a sane, fair, and well though out process so as to not violate the peoples right to bear arms. NOT! Biden will be an arrogant ass, as usual and rant and scream and toss his seniority status around to get what his party wants as soon as he finishes groping the new female senators. What a fucking disgrace. The banning of guns is solely so they can feel safe in doing their destruction. For those educated enough to know, this is exactly the same MO that the 3rd Reich used. They disarmed everyone except the military and the police thus ensuring there would be no armed uprising against the Reich and its actions and/or policies. The Liberal Democrats and their pal advocates are attempting to do the same thing for the same reasons.

Guns, or knives or any other weapon is not the problem. People are the problem, specifically mentally unstable people. You can ban guns and these mental midgets will find a different way to commit their crimes. They'll concoct a gas to release, or build a bomb, or use a vehicle as a projectile. All of the major incidents that have happened in the last decade or so were committed by mentally unstable people who should have been committed and locked away. But no, we have the bleeding heart morons out there, the mental people civil rights groups. These jackasses are the ones with the blood on their hands, not gun owners and manufacturers. It was these so called advocates who stuck their noses into the business of the medical field and law makers and had the rules changed so that these metal freaks, these dangers to society, were set free, because "They have a right to go out into society and make something of their lives." Bullshit. They need to be locked the fuck up in an institution where they are away from guns, cars, knives, bombs and other people, particularly kids. If these so called advocates would have kept their Liberal fucking noses out of the issue nearly all of these incidents would never have happened. The shooting of people in a theater in Aurora, Co, the killing of 20 innocent kids in a Connecticut school would never have happened if the perpetrators who were known to have had mental issues were locked up and institutionalized as they should have. But no, that didn't happen because of the abuse of the "Rights" issue again by Liberal advocates. The blood is on their hands and their hands only. I can hear the outrage now. Fuck you, be all the outraged you want, the blood is on your hands, period. The Liberals can never accept the truth and the facts, they always express outrage when it is presented in their face. This is particularly true of protected groups like the blacks or the Jewish. God fucking forbid you expose their crimes on society, then your a racist or an anti-Semitic, all bullshit labels meant to intimidate. I'm not fucking intimidated. Guilt is guilt and no one demographic group should have protection advantages over any other because of anything that might have happened in the past, period. The sooner that shit is cut off the better. What we need to do to fix the violence problem is to lock up the mentally unstable. The advocates have it set up so that the doctor is required to violate your rights as a parent or guardian if they even suspect any type of child abuse. They are required to call some social services moron who will invade your privacy and violate your rights solely on a suspicion, on a hunch. I say lets have the same thing for the mentally incompetent. If the medical professional even suspects that a person is or can be a danger to others, they must by law be required to lock them up. Sounds fair and it would work too.

I've heard many arguments against this, many of them are ridiculous. I hear that there is already overcrowding in institutions and they are grossly under staffed. Well if the government wasn't spending money on bullshit entitlements that they have no business being into, or even of they stopped the rampant fraud that takes place in these programs, they would be able to build bigger and better institutions and staff them properly, and that would be a perfect example of how the State should protect the well being of its Citizens. I've also heard similar arguments about the cost. Oh its much cheaper to have the loons out in society then we are not paying $3000 a month on them. So your saying the lives of innocent citizens, school kids included, are not worth $3000?? Interesting. The shoe is on the advocates other foot when they come begging for money for "The Poor" or "Disenfranchised". Then no amount is too much to spend. Of course not, the more their group that's running the show gets, the more they can skim off the top and get rich quick. Why do you think so many blacks are in these organizations, because they care? If you think so your a fool. All one needs to do is go look at the vehicle they drive. Bet its a Mercedes, BMW, Lexus or some other "status" symbol.

Lastly, I have to comment on a letter some Liberal idiot had published in today's paper the Liberal News Journal, that by the way is Racist too as the never give the description of the person  or persons police are looking for. They always say something like tall male wearing jeans and a dark top. Fucking worthless. One can cut out 50% or more of the population if you print the male was a black male or a hispanic male or a white male jackasses. Anyway, some moron wrote in today and told us all that WE didn't understand the Constitution particularly the 2nd Amendment and that the News Journal would do better work to educate the people. They claim that the second amendment states: “A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state” and therefore State regulation of guns is Constitutional. Well sorry Liberal moron your wrong, you cannot even get the fucking quote right. The 2nd Amendment actually says: "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." See, you forgot the second part that says emphatically and concisely that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed upon. Liberals just love to take little snippets out of context and use them to attempt to prove a point. Its the only way they can attempt to win an argument because of all of the facts were presented they would always lose.

I am sure in the weeks to come that we'll be subjected to yet more Liberal idiocy and the infringement by them and their policies upon our rights as semi-free citizens. Until and unless we do exercise our Constitutional right to stop our government from infringing on our rights they will continue to do so until we no longer have that power and freedom will be lost forever.