Wednesday, December 21, 2005

More Issues Created By Liberals

I swear, Liberals have got to be the most pathetic creatures on earth. Their brains cannot be fully developed is the only logical explanation I can come up with for their assnine reasoning. They continue to create issues so they can harp, complain, and hold up progress. I've been sick of it and I'm still sick of their nonsense. We have several simple issues that they see fit to continue to blow out of proportion and exploit for some insane reason as yet only known to them, or they are continuing to make assnine decisions.

Now we have this alleged spying issue. First of all I'd like to say something to the jackals in the media who printed this classified information. Screw YOU. You pieces of commie garbage just jeopardized the lives of every American citizen so you can play your damn political blame game. Then we have these jerkoff Democrats who stand in front of your camers and pretend to be experts on the law, and speculate an opinion that the president broke the law and there is nothing in the constitution that gave him the right to authorize wire tapping. Your pathetic. If you bothered to read the constitution and understand it, you would see and know clearly that the 4th amendment article 2 gives the president full power to do just what he did. Clinton did it, and so did Carter. But now that a Republican president did it, now all of a sudden its a damn issue. Grow up and stop with the damn games.

While we are on the subjects of national security, you Liberal loosers need to get off your asses and approve the Partiot Act and make it permanent. This bullcrap you constantly pull with the civil rights argument is getting old and we are tired of that game too. The nation and the citizens need to be protected, and the Patriot Act will help to insure that happens. If your more worried about your stupid civil rights game playing, which are fully covered under the act, than doing the right thing, you should immediately step down, and leave someone who has a serious interest in this country and the spine to do the job, do the job your failing to do.

Saddam, old Saddam. I think this whole trial is being allowed to become a joke. The judge is in charge of the court, not Saddam. If he makes an outburst, muzzle his damn ass. If he starts fighting and being disruptive, have his stinking carcass removed from the court. The court needs to stop granting delays for bullcrap reasons and carry on with the trial with or without him in the court room. Lock him in a cage with two way television if thats what it takes to keep his mouth shut and keep order in the court.

Lastly we want to address yet another commie federal judge. For once, just once I'd like to hear of a damn judge that actually knew the law and made a ruling based on the law instead of having their head up their ass and taking the cheap and easy way out by refering to some precidence which is also way off the mark. The courts in this country are a dangerous joke. There is no damn justice unless you have power, money and influence. Yesterday we had another spineless idiot the honorless and shameful John E. Jones III make another incorrect ruling in Harrisburg PA. He was asked to rule that it be allowed for the local Dover High School to mention Intelligent Design in science class. It IS a valid possibility that some form of intelligent entity, be it God or Aliens or what ever, were the cause for us being here on this planet. But this Liberal Activist jackal ruled that that would violate the Seperation Clause of the Constitution because it was a form of religious endorsement. When are these commies going to get it through their thick Liberal skulls that there is NO law against Endorsing a religion in the Constitution, and there is also no violation of any law when people practice their right to talk about and practice their religion on public property. In fact that is their God given right to do so under their beloved Constitution they love to keep trashing. Saying something about Intelligent Design is NOT Congress making a law establishing any religion. Congress had nothing to do with what is being taught or practiced in that or any other school. Yet this brain dead idiot makes that ruling which violates people rights of free expression, and their right to their religious beliefs with interference. Then he has the unmidigated gall to sit there on his high horse and preach to the people about how it was not avtivisim and he was not an activist judge. Bullcrap you dumb Liberal jackal. Either you do not know crap about the law and how to interperate it properly, your completely illiterate, or your a Liberal anti-religion activist. In any event you should be removed from the bench for violations of the law. Until we the people get the nerve to run these pieces of garbage out of town and off the bench like they did with the school board members, these violations of peoples rights will continue to happen. Judge Jones, you SUCK!!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Blacks Are Hypocrites and Racists Too!

Well the black elite in this area have exposed their asses for the racists that they are. The News Urinal has seen fit to start yet another one of their nausiating "series" of articles. This time they chose as the subject matter the Delaware State University aka DSU. The powers that be at DSU had put into poisition of leadership a Mr Sessoms. Mr Sessoms was charged with increasing the number of students enrolling at the college and to obtain additional funding. DSU is historically a black college. No big problem with that, until now. What Mr Sessoms has tried to do was make the college more diverse by attempting to attract people of other cultures, namely whites, and get them to enroll in the college. This has caused an uproar with the Alumni and many elite blacks connected with the college. What these racist critics have said is that DSU has always been a black college where blacks can come and get higher education and feel comfortable in their surroundings. The claim that its the schools legacy to have a black student body. What a bunch of racist a-holes. If the director of any all white college, if any still exist, attempted to keep their college all white or mostly white, we'd have Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton protesting down at city hall playing the race card to beat all. But somehow when the tables are turned and its time for the all or mostly black college to diversify and start admitting more non-blacks they scream that they don't want that in the name of legacy. What a joke. Either the equal opportunity crap applies or it does not apply. There is no we'll force the white schools to change, but don't ask us to change the black schools game playing. I applaud Mr Sessoms and wish him the best of luck in he endeavor. He is doing the right thing by attempting to open the doors of opportunity to all people, not just those of blacks. As for the black elite racists, you can stowe your rhetoic where the sun don't shine as your racisim has been exposed for all to see. Your acting like racists, and should be rebuffed as such.