Monday, December 19, 2005

Blacks Are Hypocrites and Racists Too!

Well the black elite in this area have exposed their asses for the racists that they are. The News Urinal has seen fit to start yet another one of their nausiating "series" of articles. This time they chose as the subject matter the Delaware State University aka DSU. The powers that be at DSU had put into poisition of leadership a Mr Sessoms. Mr Sessoms was charged with increasing the number of students enrolling at the college and to obtain additional funding. DSU is historically a black college. No big problem with that, until now. What Mr Sessoms has tried to do was make the college more diverse by attempting to attract people of other cultures, namely whites, and get them to enroll in the college. This has caused an uproar with the Alumni and many elite blacks connected with the college. What these racist critics have said is that DSU has always been a black college where blacks can come and get higher education and feel comfortable in their surroundings. The claim that its the schools legacy to have a black student body. What a bunch of racist a-holes. If the director of any all white college, if any still exist, attempted to keep their college all white or mostly white, we'd have Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton protesting down at city hall playing the race card to beat all. But somehow when the tables are turned and its time for the all or mostly black college to diversify and start admitting more non-blacks they scream that they don't want that in the name of legacy. What a joke. Either the equal opportunity crap applies or it does not apply. There is no we'll force the white schools to change, but don't ask us to change the black schools game playing. I applaud Mr Sessoms and wish him the best of luck in he endeavor. He is doing the right thing by attempting to open the doors of opportunity to all people, not just those of blacks. As for the black elite racists, you can stowe your rhetoic where the sun don't shine as your racisim has been exposed for all to see. Your acting like racists, and should be rebuffed as such.