Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Another Lesson In Appeasement

Well the French are getting a first hand look at what happens when you try to appease every demographic group and try to talk sense when you need to kick some ass. This all goes to prove one thing. The degenerate Islamic animals are exposing themselves for the true savages they are, thus saving us further duress in telling the world what they really are and taking the flack for doing so. This is exactly what appeasement earned France, just like appeasement of Hitler did back in May of 1940.

Our local rag had been running a series of articles on Health care in the state prisons. We all know well enough that this was to do nothing more but stirr up controversy. But it really didn't work, at least at first. No one cared and there was no uproar. Pretty much everyone areed, hey prison life should be hell, thats part of the punishment. These people are criminals and they have been stripped of all but the basic rights. It took a while, then when things in the news got really slow, a few Liberals started to pick up on the news and stick their human rights noses into things. The racist activist even started to get into it. They demanded an explanation, they demanded answers. Actually, its none of their damn business. Most of the states residents agree. But today now we have a new twist, we have the families protesting, and demanding change. They are organizing support groups and forming yet more special interest activist groups. My first and only impression was why did these a-holes not extend as much effort into raising their criminal kids than they are putting into this activist nonesense. If they would have done their damn jobs as a parent years ago, they would not have a reason to worry about how the damn prisons are run. Therein lies the root of the true problem. The families and parents of those people who find themselves in the prison where things are hard. They need to look in the mirror and ask themselves why they were such horrible parents. They need to ask themselves how they can organize a group to help other parents parent correctly, and keep their kids from turning into losers and landing in prison. So don't come around with your demands of society and the state, march into your own living rooms and dens and make demands where they are appropriate and will do some good.