Friday, August 12, 2005

What Would Jesus Do?

I personally have no problem with people being faithful and religious if they so choose. I also think that its good to try ones best to follow the examples of their religions leader be it Jesus, Buddah, or Allah et al. What I have a problem with are these anti-war zealots who toss out these one sided comments that they are a Christian for example, and to be God like we should practice tollerance, love, forgiveness, and acceptance because thats is what Jesus, Buddah, and maybe Allah would do. They miss one important point. When Jesus came across a sinner, say a thief or murderer, he would react in two different ways depending on what said thief or murderer did. If they were repentant and asked for forgiveness, then he would understand, forgive, and be tollerant of past actions. If the thief or murderer was not repentant, he would have no problem in tossing them into hell. So much for tollerance and forgiveness.

People today should be expected to act no differently if they were following a religious example to guide them through life. If Osama or any other murderer came forth and expressed true remorse for his actions and begged for forgiveness, then I can see these extreme religious followers to asking for us to be tollerant and possibly forgive him. But this is not the case. What we have is continual recruiting, threats, and murderous actions. He should therefore be cast into the bowels of hell by any and all means possible. So the point is, is that Jesus or Allah or Buddah etc were not 100% tollerant, forgiving, or accepting all of the time, and neither should we be expected to be.

As for Cindy Sheehan, she needs to get a life. She is not the only mom who lost a son, and she has no business making an ass of herself with her sit in at the presidents ranch. Now she has all of these "we have no damn life either" Liberal idiot groups clamering to join her with their bullcrap anti-war, anti-Bush rhetoric. Its so easy today to expose the communists and losers in our society, just look for an anti-Bush protest and they will be there in droves. So Cindy, get over it, your son VOLUNTEERED, and he did his duty, and he died for his country. Why don't you try sending a message that you are proud that your son died defending his country, and that you support the other troops and entities who are fighting to eliminate terrorists around the world and keep us safe, instead of being a pathetic disgrace to your sons legacy and a disgrace to your country. People like you make me sick.