Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Another ACLU Legal (Lie) Argument Exposed

This blogpost is about these ignorant commies who continue to attack the Boy Scouts. In an article on the Fox News web page,,2933,164547,00.html they are demanding that the Scouts stop accepting any funding from any government or public entity. They claim that its all just a matter of some fine line they seem to have drawn which distinguishes between a public entity and a private entity, and what the law allegedly allows each type of entity to do, specifically ban gays, support godliness etc. The Scouts are a moral God fearing entity who have chosen to ban gays and females from their ranks, and to promote good behaviour and godliness, thus they are the subject of constant attack from these Liberals. But these Liberals like Ifeminists and ACLU etc cannot stand those values. They absolutely must have things their way, and no one is allowed to make their own rules, so the Scouts must be stopped at all costs. Crap! What these Liberals need to do, besides go screw themselves, is to get a life and stop with the lying. What these commies keep saying is, is that if the Scouts are a public entity that they cannot ban gays, females, or promote God. They on the other hand claim that if they are defined as a private entity, that they are forbidden to recieve "public funding". They are caliming therefore that when the military allows the Boy Scouts to use a base for their Jamboree or other similar offerings, that these actions are actual "public funding" and are prohibited. The ACLU and other entities are making the argument that as defined, a Public Entity is: "of or pertaining to the people; belonging to the peopleā€¦opposed to private." A public place or organization is typically tax-funded or subsidized, and no one individual has a right to greater access than any other. National parks are an example. They also claim that officially, as defined, a Private Entity is: "not available for public use, control, or participationā€¦Belonging to a particular person or persons, as opposed to the public or the government." A private place or organization receives no public funding; people become members through invitation or through policies defined by the owners. Your living room is an example. NOTE: It is THEIR words: "A private place or organization recieves no public funding.", not those of their given source! I cannot find anything, anywhere, that says that legally a public government entity cannot fund a private organizations event or anything else they legally chose to do.

So, with this I decided to do some more in depth research. I did not have to look far. What I did find out was very interesting, and so pathetic its laughable, but all too typical of Liberal spin and lies. In this article the reader will note that the words "Public" and "Private" are highlighted in red. If the reader were to click on those highlighted words they will find that they are hyper links that will take them to these Liberals' so called legal resource for their argument. Its a frigging dictionary. They selectively quoted these descriptions of "Public" and "Private" from the multiple descriptive lines in an on line dictionary. What a crock of crap. The most important thing, there was something that they oh so conveniently left out of their descriptive of "Private". If we look at the descriptive on the on line dictionary for the word "Private", and pay close attention to the different descriptives, we see some that were used in their argument. But in descriptive #4 line C there is the following: Conducted and supported primarily by individuals or groups not affiliated with governmental agencies or corporations: a private college; a private sanatorium. Primarily is the key word here. It means in many cases, but more importantly it does not mean NEVER. Secondly, and an even more important point, is that a dictionary descriptive is not legally binding. So basically the ACLU and Ifeminists are full of crap, and are ramping up negative and untruthful spin in order to attack the Boy Scouts whom they dispise and hate. We all must do all we can to stand up for the Scouts, expose these Liberals for what they are and what they are doing, and help them so they can continue to accept donations from any entity public or private that they so chose, because its LEGAL!