Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Get Your Brown Shoe Polish Out Boys

I for one am sick and fed-up tired of black people using their race as an excuse because they are stupid and cannot cut the mustard on their own. I am more mad at our state for caving into these racists and agreeing to pay over a million dollars to past applicants to the Delaware State police and who FAILED and just happened to be black. They also agreed to hire 12 black officers. You are a bunch of spinless wimps. In this entire article as printed in todays paper, not one word of proof was offered to show how the state police used testing bias towards blacks. ALL applicants were given the same damn test, where is the bias in that?? One past applicant from Bear stated that he was forced to think outside of his culture. Huh?? What the hell does that mean? Is he meaning to say that they should ony ask him black related questions? Thats crap of the highest order. Even more ironic, in the article, he says he cannot recall anything specific. So I guess your not that traumatized then huh? They demanded that the pass/fail threshold which was set years ago and used for ALL applicants was unfair and set too high. So let me get this straight, we have a bunch of illiterate blacks who cannot cut the mustard on the test, so we now have to lower the standards so more of them can pass? Bullcrap, go take a reading and speaking class and get some culture you lazy racist a-holes.