Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Go Tony!

If you have even one ounce of commonse sense, you have to love Tony Blair. I am in 100% agreement with his poisition that Islamic radicals must be banned and/or deported. Radical clerics, and other murderous factions must be hunted down, identified and eliminated. This is the only way to thwart the growing trend of the gullable muslims and other believers in Islam moving to the ranks of the murderous radical zealots. This type of pro-active position should be adopted world wide, particlarly in countries who have been targeted by these jerks.

Immediately the so called Human Rights idiots started with their screaming and rhetoric, and Tony was ready for them and stated that if they tried their games, then we'll change the laws, but we will be protected by what ever means works. YES! We should only wish that the powers that be in this country would have enough balls to do the same. Its needs to be done, and should be done. This constant crap about rights violations is just that, crap. The government of this country has a duty to protect the welfare of its citizens. If that means they must make rules that govern how people act and control where they can and connot go, the thats the way its happens and its too damn bad if it hurts their widdle feelings. We all have God given rights, but we cannot impose our right on someone else in such a way that it infringes on the rights of another. I have a right to be safe in my country and in my home, and if that means we search bags, or set up some other sort of security, then thats what happens. The same goes with this so called profiling nonsense these Liberals are abusing these days. You know these murderes are almost always middle esatern men, then you look harder at middle eastern men. Its not illegal profiling, its called criminal profiling. When you have a robbery and the perp is black you don't have police running all over town looking for whites or hispanics. You have them looking for a black man. This is exactly the same. You have 16 middle eastern men murder thousands, you are recieving threats from middle eastern radicals, you go after middle eastern people until the problem is resolved. Period.

I've been thinking about something quite interesting. The ACLU is a communist organization who's main goal is really to violate all of our rights, particilarly those of Christians. Typically, lawyers are of a particular faith, and I was wondering how many ACLU attorneys were Christians?