Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Pathetic is the only word I can think of to remotely come close to Senator Reids actions. This unmidigated ass has a serious problem letting go of the fact that the current administration did nothing wrong in regards to several issues, mainly the Iraq qar, and the un-outing of Plume. These Liberal idiot Democrats are so frustrated that they cannot cause trouble and sucessfully get key people in the administration to resign or be fired that they have to resort to infantile tactics and call a special closed session. Reid actually has the gall to stand up there and say that he did it in the name of the American people. Bullcrap, you didn't do it for me, and I resent the insinuation. What the American people want is for you Liberal Democrats to grow up, get over the fact that your losers, and stop wasting our damn time and money on your bullcrap witch hunt.

As an aside, the Liberals and Democrats are already gearing up with the lame bullcrap excuses in regards to supreme court nominee Alito. Everything is about how he will roll back womens rights. No, he will not, he will uphold the law and prevent the murder of innocent babys, and stop with the violation of the rights of the citizens of this country by not allowing the leftist zealots and special interests do so by using the courts. I am sure there will be more pathetic antics to come.

We also have the old sissy unions striking in Philadelphia. Here we have already over paid, over compensated jackals wanting to get more for nothing at the expense of the buying public. These union jackals are never happy to get a truly fair wage and to pay their fair share for medical insurance like the rest of the working world. No they want to pout and cry like a bunch of sissy babys because they cannot get 100% free medical coverage and a salary two and three times their worth. These ungrateful pigs should be happy they have a job, and considerate enough of the public they serve to stop with the school yard tantrums and get back to work. If Septa was smart they would fire the whole lot of them and only hire non-union workers who are really interested in putting in a full days work for a truly honest wage.