Friday, September 23, 2005

Pay CLOSE Attention!

This whole affair with the nomination process should be a huge eye opener for Liberals and a lot of Democrats. They need to pay close attention to who is voting against Roberts’ nomination, and if they happen to have working brains, realize that these Liberal lefty Senators who say they have the peoples best interest at heart are full of crap. Who in their right mind would stand there and agree with any Senator who says in not so many words that they agree wholeheartedly with judges making law from the bench that strips religious freedoms, allows the taking of peoples homes by the states, and murders unborn children? You have to be one sick individual to have even a passing thought that this is “progress” as it was called by some brain dead Liberal who wrote in my local paper. Roberts gave the correct answer to these Senators questions on how he would rule. He said that he would enforce the constitution, and base his decisions by what was in it, IE: He would not make law from the bench. This was the correct answer and the only one needed or required. Those who vote against Roberts should be voted OUT in their next election.