Friday, September 02, 2005

Greed, Stupidity, and Laziness

Today I've reached my fill with this Katrina crap. In todays news, although it was buried on page 12 in my local rag, the truth finally came out. The local governments let the people down. I've been saying this for days, and no one has been listening. Those officials should be made accountable for their failure(s). When Andrew came through and devastated south Florida in the mid 1990's, this should have been a big eye opener to any and all municipalities where a hurricane could even remotely strike. The government of areas such as New Orleans who would suffer a total contastrophe if even a moderate storm made a direct hit, should have immediately ordered engineering studies, gathered the information required to understand what needed to be done to prevent the events that happened this week, and effect the updates and repairs needed. This did not happen. I'm going to wager a guess that they are Liberals because the demographics dictate that this is most likely. With Liberals in place in government, the right things would not get done because they have their heads up their collective asses worrying too much about handouts for the poor, protecting the birdies, trees and animals, and other such nonsense. In short they squandered their opportunity in typical Liberal fashion and failed the citizens completely. This does not let the citizens off the hook. Already we have racists blacks trying to stir up the pot, and raise up the walls of denial. They are screaming that blacks are suffering, and blacks are the only ones being shown looting, and blacks are dying. This too is bullcrap. New Orleans is 85% black, the blacks are the ones doing the looting, the raping and the shooting!! The truth hurts racist, get over it and try directing your efforts to getting blacks to stop acting like animals, then you won't see the truth you don't like on TV as the truth would be different.

Blacks brought this onto themselves, and they deserve NO pity in that regard. As far as I'm concerned if any person acted like an animal, raping, shooting, pillaging, stealing etc they should be treated like an animal and shot on sight. As for the average citizen, I'm sick and tired of hearing the crying and whining crap. First of all, they had plenty of opportunity and time to get out of town, they failed to do so. They are not going to sit there and whine and cry about how poor they are, and how they have no means to go anywhere, or there was nowhere to go. If they wanted a boom box or booze, or ribs, or a Lexus, they'd be out there finding a damn way. Second, how lazy and stupid do you have to be to see a situation is going down hill, and sit there and wait around for someone else to help you? Get off your lazy black asses, get your belongings in a sack and start walking. I've never seen a more self declared lot of helpless dolts in my life. When you see your in a bad situation and its getting worse, move your fat ass and do something. As soon as those levies broke and I was rescued, if I needed to be rescued, I would have been walking as fast and as far as I could get from that situation. The only people who should need to be catered to as helpless are the elderly and infirm, for the rest there is NO excuse outside of pure laziness.

I also have an issue with a replacement talk show host who keeps being combative with people calling in and asking where the help is from other countries. This IS a legitimate question and one I'd also like the answer to. He keeps acting like this is a slam against Bush or current administration or something. No, its not, its a damn good question. Its times like this that you find out who your real friends are, and frankly I am suprised that we've not heard a word from England. Lastly, there is this other crap with the gas prices. This is the biggest crock I've seen since 1974. The affects of having a refinery or two out of service in the gulf region for a few weeks will not hit the supply of this country at all, and will have limited affect in their region for a few months. Yet the day after the news breaks all gas stations double their prices. So we are to believe that all of these gas stations got gas over night while we were sleeping and it was delivered at an inflated rate?? Stop with the price gouging!! Bunch of crooks. But I addressed yesterday the energy problem that we as a country stupidly brought onto ourselves. Now maybe someone will wake up and this country will get smart again.