Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Time To Pay The Piper

Sorry for the long gap between posts. As I noted earlier, my job responsibilities are taking all of my free time. Also, Liberals tend to keep going in circles, rehashing and constantly bringing up the same tired issues over and over again. You would think by now that they would get dizzy from constantly going around in circles, and tired of berating the dead issues like Bush Lied, Global Warming, Bush is Responsible for everything wrong thats happening, etc etc etc. So essentially, there has not been too much new news to report on, and I hate rehashing points of interest endlessly.

Anyway, today we find ourselves in a precarious situation as far as our energy needs and supply. We can thank the Liberals way back when they started to get a foot hold in the 1960's, to some extent big business forcing Congresses hand, and to peoples generally selfish attitude. We have no one to blame but ourselves. For a majority of the country, we allowed this Liberalisim to fester and grow and affect our common sense when making critical decisions. Today we have this twisted sense of what we think we need because thats what we've been programmed for decades to believe. I remember when I was young that my grandparents home, and many businesses in their town, were heated by coal. Good old American coal. I recall the ash man stopping by twice a week to collect the ashes grandpa placed at the curb. These were not simply dumped in a landfill, they were stored and used in the winter time on icy slippery roads like we use sand today. Coal was abundant, and it was cheap, and it still is if we get our common sense back. But in the early sixties, I clearly recall the push towards the use of oil. I knew then that this was a huge mistake. I knew then that this oil was readily available and cheap because of the oil wells being opened up in the middle east. I knew this would definitely be trouble. I recall thinking, why in the hell would we want to be sending our money over to some foreigner, buying their oil when we have plenty of resources in the form of coal right here. I firmly thought then that we should strive to be self sufficient, and I still feel that way today.

If one does their research though, they will find out why this big push really happened. Liberals. On one front we had the beginnings of the enviromental zealots who constantly complained about the acid rain and sulfer being spewed into the air from coal buring facilities, and the perils of strip mining, and everything under the sun. Every home, they would say, is contributing to the problem. On the other hand we had the touchey feeley idiots in Congress that though it would be a great idea to set up trade with the Saudi's and other countries in order to move towards a global economy. Basically, in laymens terms, we wanted to appease them and buy their friendship, so we agreed to jeopardize our national security and enter into a contract that would send us on the path we find ourselves on today. So all through the sixties there was this huge campaign to switch to oil, its cleaner burning and plentiful they would claim. I recall every business in town had a switch to oil sticker in the window. Thousands of homes and business heating systems were converted to oil as a result of that campaign. This was only one front and only a beginning.

Now lets talk about traffic and our highways. Thanks to yet another Democrat and a Congress that lost its common sense, and in all likelyhood was being coerced by big unions and big business, the National Interstate Highway act was suggested and put into place with little opposition by the Eisenhower administration. This served to do two of the most deterimental things that could happen to a countries infastructure. First, it further decimated the railroad infastructure, a topic which I've written about before. Railroads were and still are the most efficient means of moving goods and people, period. But this success, and the fact that at the time railroads were huge privately owned entities, caused resentment to be rampant, and instead of being properly supported by tax breaks and subsidies, railroads were punished, by high taxes, poor government subsidies, and subjected to the Interstate Commerce Commission who fought them at every turn, and did the most to run them into the ground. Second, as this was happening, interestate highways and trucking industries were being heavily supported, promoted and subsidized. So in this same basic time period of the early sixties we have another push from self sufficient and practical, to wasteful and inefficient. This makes no sense what so ever. Liberals and supporters of the Interstate System and Trucking Industries over the railroads are quick to point out that the railroads became inefficient, undependable and had fallen out of favor by the general public. On the surface this, to the gullable, would seem to be true. But the few smart readers would see through this smoke screen and find the truth. Yes, the railroads were becoming less efficient and less dependable. It was not their fault, it was the US Governments' fault, and you can bet your ass that the special interest trucking industry and its unions had a huge hand in the power play. The Interstate Commerce commission denied the railroads the ability to set their prices so as to afford a decent profit so they could run their business efficiently and pay for repairs to track and equipment. This caused the continuous decline and the continued deterioration of the railroad infastructure, which was already in poor condition due to the war, and the finger pointing started as per the plan. Shippers grew tired of the delays and missed shipments, and foolishly switched to inefficient trucks per the plan. Passenger service was affected the same way. Railroads could not keep up with the service and oppulance they had offered before the war. People would not ride in delapidated outdated equipment. They would not tollerate the delays and inconevnience. This, with the normal competition the railroads encountered by cars and air travel caused the riders to flee to other means of transportation. As a result, today we have huge fuel shortages, we have inefficient dangerous trucks plying the highways burning fuel in unmeasurable amounts on a daily basis, and we have millions upon millions of homes that could and should be heated by American coal that are instead burning oil or gas thats imported from abroad. We have tons of freight being moved one contaiiner at a time using wasteful inefficient trucks, while our railroads that can move multiple containers of goods with one engine sit almost completely idle. Lastly we come to the people and their general attitudes. People today are not taught self sufficiency, hard work, common sense, or restraint just to name a few. Today we have billions of idiots who expect everything to be handed to them on a silver platter. We have kids who don't know the meaning of hard work. We have unions who know how to do nothing but stomp and cry about how much their members aren't getting paid enough when they are already way over paid. We have billions of idiots out there who lack an ounce of common sense and will actually buy these large cars, SUV's and pick up trucks. Then they will have the gall to bitch and complain that they have a right to cheap gas. HA! Its laughable at best. People are selfish, period. Today its all about them, and things are getting worse by the day. They keep demanding their cheap gas, and they keep buying gas guzzlers like its their right. Wake up!

So all in all everyone has played a part in getting us to where we are today. Selfishness, greed, and a total lack of common sense are what rules our society today. What needs to happen will not happen and cannot happen without a huge attitude adjustment. I say bring it on! People need to start using common sense and knock off with the entitlement and materialisim crap. Buy a fuel efficient car, learn how to say NO, especially to the kids when they start begging for cell phones, new clothes and a car at the age of 16. Make them work for their stuff, and do without the nonsense crap. The big business', and especially the unions need to knock off with their bullcrap. If your workers want to get $40 an hour it should be because they went to colledge and got an education and landed a real job that pays that kind of money. Not because your illiterate truck driver is only making $28 an hour, when he is only worth $10 an hour, and you want them to be at $38 an hour so they can "survive" or "support their family", and because the company CEO is making more than that. Earn your damn raise, and start living within your means hymies. We need to get off this dependency on anything and everything foreign. Its OK to enter into trade agreements, but not if we cannot do without the goods if we had to, and not if it causes an imbalance in the economy. Anything else is just plain stupid. Also, lets not worry about the damn birdies, and the fishies and the air. They have survived for thousands of years without your Liberal interferance, so bug out and leave us do what we need to do as a country. Converting back to coal would be a good start. We have plenty of it as a natural resource. But we also need to get a force together like the one that worked on the A bomb. We need a group of super scientists to get together and invent the next form of energy for the US. Then we tell these foreign countried to shove their fossil fuels up their collective asses. We also need to get back to common sense basics, and stop with the idiotic decisions. Lets get the trucks off of the highways, and get the railroads back into the business of moving the nations freight and people. The railroads are the most efficient means of moving goods and people, and people are just going to have to bone the hell up and relaise that and use them. Stop this downward spiral now. Getting the trucks off of the highways will save billions of gallons of fuel a month in this country. It will also save every municipality in every state billions of dollars that they currently waste repairing the highway infastructure that is destroyed by trucks, and not paid for by them. It will also result in a huge boost in the safety of our highways as these big rigs are nothing short of lethal in all respects. This would be one of the biggest and most rewarding things this country could do as a nation is eliminate the big trucks, and rebuild the railroad infastructure. Next would be to tell the Liberals to bug off and let industry do what its needs to do to safeguard this country and then find alternatives that will help to resolve this problem once and for all. Until then, all of these stupid decisions are now coming back to bite us in the ass, and its time to pay the piper. I'm so glad I bought a 30+ mpg Hondas......