Tuesday, November 29, 2005

If There Ever Was An Obvious Pattern

I don't get a lot of time to write on the Blog much anymore with my new work assignments, and I wish I did. I could write almost every day with some of the crap I read and hear on the news. Its pathetic. As I sat this morning eating my breakfast, and trying not to throw up at what I was reading, one thing really became quite aparent. Liberals constantly follow the same aimless and pathetic pattern each and every day with their thought processes (Now there is an oxymoron), and their actions. They never frigging change. Take today's opinion page ramblings for example.

The first article was some selfish idiot and his damn boat. This was a recent issue in the paper where the County rightfully banned the storage of boats and trailers on residential property unless they were on a hard surface and sheilded by shrubs. I think this is way too damn soft. They should be outright banned, period. But you have one looser who starts with her complaining, and the County relents and suspends enforcement. WHY??? Stop caving in to the whiners and cry babies every damn time a good rule is put into place and enforced! Now we have this selfless idiot in Newport writing to complain that he's been storing his hideous boat in his yard for years. But because he lives on a back street with a rail line just outside his back yard he should get some sort of special privledge to be an incosiderate classless jerk? He goes on to complain that he is being persecuted so someone can get a larger commission on a house. No idiot, thats not the point. Your being inconsiderate to other people, and devaluing their investment by your selfish actions. Your basically saying to your neightbors that you don't give a rats butt about them and their house value, its all about you being a classless jerk. If you buy a damn boat and/or trailer, plan to store it at a marina or storage lot where it belongs, not in your stinking yard where you insult everyone within eyesight of your eyesore with your ignorance and inconsiderate damn attitude.

The second article is from some brain dead moonbat who rambles on about the Padilla indictment being some sort of joke. No, you are the joke. Padilla is a terrorist, get over that fact and the fact that he is in jail justly and will be found guilty. Better yet, why don't you keep your liberal nose out of the legal affairs of the country, and if thats not good enough for you, then don't let the door his your liberal ass on the way out. And don't come back....please! I resent the insinuation that this country cannot protect itself in any and every means possible because spinless jackals like you have no balls to do what needs to be done and then you start with your humn rights bullcrap. Please, get a life, then get out of my country.

A third article is from some Union hymie, yet another respondent to a writer who had the nerve to say the truth in that unions should be abolished and banned. They should. But we knew that the pro-Union hymies would just have to respond to vainly attempt to uphold their side of things. We had two reponses earlier that were typically pathetic at best, and said basically the same thing. Both stated that why were we not grateful to the Unions because they brought about workers benefits, and workmans comp. Ok, and.... Thats the only damn thing they can beat their chest about, one stinking thing they did that was supposed to be productive? Piss poor. So they were instrumental in getting workers across America benefits, big stinking deal. Today we have another Union weenie telling us a pathetic story about how Unions are community, and they all work together, and they all have benefitted from this unity. Spare me. One of you Union hymies needs to stand up and tell the truth. Lets put it all on the line shall we. OK, on the we did this good thing side we have workers benefits. Thats it..... We've heard about nothing more that was productive regarding Unions. Lets start on the negative side shall we. OK, they can pout and cry and whine like little babies if their other extortion tactics do not work. They could give a crap about school kids, or oil and gas supplies, or the public they leave straded at the train station or bus stop while they are out acting like little babys who didn't get their ice cream. They demand irrational salaries for their members (and I'm not even going to go to the sports section on this one). They demand irrational and unreasonable benefits and other idiotic niceties for their member that no other company gives to theirs. They piss and moan and stomp their feet and protest with their little signs when asked to share in the cost of medical benefits. They piss and moan about being asked to have their retired members pay their own benefits now that they are no longer contributing to the bottom line. They constantly claim their superiority in training, skills and workmanship, and I've got news for them. Most Union work I see is pathetic and careless. The workers attitudes are negative and selfish at best. Look what happened in the auto industry for a great example, GM is now facing bankruptcy. I can go on and on about the negatives regarding Unions. They should be abolished. They once served a purpose, but that time is long gone. They today are nothing more than legalized extortionists. American businesses and the American people are sick and tired of their cry baby tactics, their bullying, their being over paid and under worked, their coercion, and their crybaby bullcrap. They should be grateful they have a damn job, and should be paid what they are worth not what they demand, which is a hell of a lot less than is currently being paid.

So as you can see its the same old crap over and over again. Liberals whining about their human rights nonsense, Union hymies who refuse to face the fact that they are over paid and their criminal organizations should be abolished, and selfish jackals who still think its all about them and no one else. Its sickening.