Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Liberals Are So Full Of Crap

Today on the Fox News web site, they had what they called an opinion by a Liberal Democrat Martin Frost who attempts to qualify himself by saying that he is a former member of Congress. Big deal. In his writing he attempts in vain to turn the tables on the President by twisting his comments around and trying to make it look like everything is Bush's fault and the Democrats are little angels. Its the same old tired worn out crap and we know better. I just had to take this jackal to task. So I picked his "opinion" apart and replied to him in an e-mail. My writings are below. It replies to most of what he wrote, the entire article can be found at the Fox News site.

Your a Liberal piece of work Martin. Your words are offensive and point out exactly what the president's point is when he makes those comments of the Democratic critics. Although your obviously a Liberal and will not understand, let me outline it for you.

First, we do not care about your qualifications. Your Democrat, your a Liberal, thats all we need to know. A bias exists, and the lies and bullcrap will be forthcoming. With that fact aside....

***President Bush on Friday attacked the patriotism of Democratic congressmen and senators by saying that elected officials who now raise questions about the actions leading up to the current war in Iraq are letting down our troops in the field and giving aid and comfort to the insurgents. Somewhere along the line, President Bush seems to have forgotten his basic civics lesson about how a democracy works. Thanks to our successful revolution against King George III, we have the right to dissent in this country. We have the right to question the actions of our own government. To suggest otherwise would be to relegate us to a dictatorship. And, after all, we have been telling the Iraqi people about the virtues of a democracy.***

You liberals love to use this bullcrap make them feel guilty analogy about having the right to dissent. We do, but not to the extent that its disrespectful and especially not to the extent that it is harmful to the nations security. Thats the big difference you Liberals do not understand. There is a correct and respectful way of expressing your dislike about an issue and there is the Liberal or incorrect way. Yours is the incorrect way. Further, this bullcrap about the country being relegated into a dictatorship if we do not voice our dissent is another Liberal scare tactic, and its offensive. Because of the actions of Liberlas like you and other Democrat moonbats, I'm embarrased to show the Iraqi people what the virtues of Democracy are. They look over here and see how you commies act and disrespect the president, and continue to infight and cause trouble for the administration, and I know they are saying they want no part of that screwed up mess. I cannot blame them.

***We now know that the intelligence relied upon by the Bush administration to take us to war was faulty. We have every right to ask for a full explanation about how the administration got it so wrong, and about how they used the intelligence to convince Congress and the American people that military action against Saddam Hussein was justified. That’s exactly what the current bi-partisan six member investigation in the U.S. Senate is undertaking.***

So the damn information ended up being faulty by the time we finally went in, what is the big damn deal?? First of all the intelligence came from entities outside of the "administration". Most likely from people that worked under dolts like Clinton and Carter in the FBI, and CIA. Its only a big deal because as George Bush is saying, the Democrats want to use it for the sole purpose of causing trouble for the administration. Your second sentence is all telling. Its so obviously one sided its pathetic. "WE have every RIGHT to ask for an explanantion about how the ADMINISTRATION got it so wrong". The administration didn't get it wrong. They relied on the same damn information from outside agencies that your Liberal Democrat buddies in Congress and the Senate did, so they also got it wrong. No one twisted Congress' arm, and no one lied to the American people, that was the information deemed correct at the time. Gasp!! Imagine, the Liberal Democrats got something wrong. Why don't the Liberals and Democrats admit to their mistake?? They already have their answer as to why they made the so called mistake, but insist on using the unfortunate fact that the intelligence ended up being wrong in regards to ONE of the reasons for going to war to cause trouble, as usual. In fact, the Congress stalled to long in making their decision, Saddam could have moved the entire country to Syria or Iran long before we got a tank on the ground. So just because WMD were not discovered after we finally got there, doesn't mean they were not there before, and the evidence supports that fact.

***In the meantime, Congress and the American people are clearly supporting our troops in the field. We all want them to be successful in helping bring democracy to Iraq and we hope they can complete their mission as quickly as possible. For the president to suggest that Congress does not support the troops is truly outrageous.***

Spare me. A correct statement would be that a majority of true Americans, and a sizeable segment of Congress support the troops in the field. To say that we all want them to be successful is a Liberal feel good lie. There are plenty of Liberals, Democrats, Anti-War idiots, and other special interests like the ACLU who would like nothing more than to see the campaign fail so they can again twist it around and use it against the president. The president is correct, not all of Congress truly support the war, own up to the truth.

***Now, let’s get to the question of the pre-war intelligence. The issue is not whether the administration intentionally falsified the intelligence but whether the administration was diligent enough in pursuing accurate intelligence— and whether the administration hyped the intelligence it had obtained to sell the war.***

You Liberals keep coming around in circles to the same disproven rhetoric. We're getting sick and tired of this crap. One week its Bush lied, now the important matter is wheither the administration was dilligent or hyped the information. Once these are easily disproved, will you Liberals go back to the Bush lied angle yet again? Make up your mind. No better yet, get a life and get over the fact that nothing was done wrong by the Bush administration and do some real work for a change. The fact remains, Liberal Democrats at that time had the same information that the president did, had every opportunity to review it, had every opportunity to check it out to their satisfaction, had every opportunity to reveal the intelligence to the public as you wanted the administration to do ealier in your rantings, and every opportunity to vote it down. Thats not what happened now is it? So lets persecute the Liberal Democrats, it seems that it was them who dropped the ball just as far as anyone else.

***I was a member of the Democratic leadership (serving as caucus chairman) in the months leading up to the congressional vote in 2002. We were bombarded by the administration with conclusions about the intelligence rather than the actual intelligence itself.
Specifically, we were constantly reminded that Saddam Hussein had used poison gas against the Kurds, and that, at the time when U.N. monitoring of Iraq began in 1992 following the successful first Gulf War, he had biological and chemical weapons. Even though these weapons had subsequently been destroyed, we were assured that he must now have more since he'd had the original capability. We were also told that intelligence sources indicated he was well on his way to developing nuclear weapons.***

Again, spare me your little boy crybaby crap. What you are saying here is that the administration presented their interpretation of what the intelligence said to them, and you Liberal Democrats were too stupid or spineless to check it out and form your own conclusion which may have differed greatly. It appears that that is a FACT. YOU and your co-horts dropped the ball and failed to do your jobs....status quo for Liberals and Democrats. Drop the ball, twist and spin the storys to make yourself look good, and attack the administration if its Republican.

***All of this turned out to be false.***

Shit happens..... I ask again, if it was false, why did YOU and your Liberal Democrat moonbats not check it out and uncover it as being faulty before you voted. That was YOUR duty just as much as the administrations.

***Thus, it is perfectly reasonable to inquire about how the administration got it so terribly wrong and why it hyped this intelligence so aggressively. In fact, press reports have now indicated that Italian intelligence sources tried to warn the administration that its information about efforts by Iraq to obtain yellowcake uranium from Niger was based on a forged document.***

Expo-Facto!! Now you are saying you expected the Bush administration to be mind readers and somehow forsee that the Italian intelligence information may have come from a forged document. Second, your going to believe the Liberal media and use their story to justify your inflamatory accusations. This so called fact you like to use against the administration came to light long after the votes were made to go to war, which was justified for several reasons, not just the WMD issue, which you Liberals love to leave out of your rantings. This is so typical of Liberals and Democrats, and it is exactly why people are voting against you, and demanding change. We are sick of the spin and the lies and the bullcrap political games that end up embarrassing us abroad, and violating our rights and erroding our safety, our morals, and our society as a whole. You people need a huge wake up call and lots of coffee.

***In hindsight, members of the House and the Senate could have insisted on seeing documented proof about the administration’s claims; however, we should all — elected officials as well as the public — be able to assume that our own government is telling us the truth about something this important.
It’s time for the president to get on with our country’s business rather than trying to blame Democrats for the mistakes that his own people made.***

This statement takes the cake. Now with matters of national security, where American lives are at stake, you are going to sit there and have the gall to write that we all should be able to just assume that our government is telling the truth. This is pathetic and so Liberal its sickening. First of all you moonbat Liberal jerk. YOU and your Liberal Democrat dolts are all a part of our government. So if the government is to blame, YOU are to blame. Its not just a man and a few of his appointed officials. Its all of you, Congress, the Senate, the Supreme Court all of you are our government. You have a lot of gall mister, and I sincerely hope and pray you are no longer involved with MY government. You are a disgrace as are your Liberal cohorts. As for the president doing the countries business. He is trying to do his job, and for once it would be nice if he was supported in that endeavor no matter what his idea or plan is, and not be confronted with accusations and roadblocks at every turn. He and his administration should be respected and given every courtesy and respect afforded the leader of a free country no matter wheither you agree with his decisions or not. The president is correct. The Liberals and Democrats need to stop with the bullcrap, the negativity, the constant game playing, and partisan politics. The president should be supported publically, and dissention should be addressed in a respectful manner behind closed doors if justified. Our image as a country has been tarnished. We are hated in many places, and a laughing stock in others. Personally I don't care, but this is not because we went to war to fight a dangerous enemy, and help opressed people, its because of the actions of Liberals and Democrats who constantly embarass us publically and make us a laughing stock to the rest of the world. We are sick and tired of it, and it WILL stop.