Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Stupidity or Criminal Activity

Those are the only two things that can accurately explain the assnine outcomes of yesterdays elections. First of all, the Liberal media is up to their bullcrap again. Headlines read: Democrats Score Big Victories! BULLCRAP, the Democrats scored nothing. They gained no new seats what so ever. As for the idiots in New Jersy, I cannot believe, just absolutely cannot believe that a majority of the people of New Jersey are stupid enough to actually vote for Corzine. In my opinion Corzine is the biggest crook to ever walk on this planet, and we are to believe this bastard was actually honestly voted into office?? This criminal bought his senate seat, is a far, far, far left Liberal hack, and is about as crooked as a rocker rail. How could the people of New Jersy be that stupid. Because Corzine to me is the biggest most obvious Liberal crook on the east coast, I believe that this election may possibly have been bought. Then again, the idiots in Mass keep electing Kennedy, and the a-holes in California are not much better. Those jackals ran out a Liberal and voted in Arnold to make change happen. That message was loud and clear. But now the governor put up some referendums for a vote and they are ALL turned down?? Something stinks in California as bad as it does in New Jersey. I would not doubt one minute that the sissy unions had that election fixed as well. Those referendums were excellent ideas that would have worked for the benefit of the state and the people. With the possible exception of #4, they all should have passed easily. I'm calling for an investigation into criminal activity and vote fixing in both New Jersey governors race and the California referendum vote. Then we have this issue where several school board members were allegedly voted off because they supported teaching of Intelligent Design in schools. I have read so much and have heard so much FOR the teaching of both Intelligent Design and Evolution that I find it hard to believe this bullcrap result as well. Liberals have somehow figured out a way to alter votes and make the outcome to their liking. There is no possible way for that many opposing votes to exist in regards to the school board issue. I think this whole election process in this country sucks. It wrought with corruption and its now very obvious that results are being screwed with.