Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Where's The Other Half??

Today I read the New Journal View piece regarding press coverage, and how it has a separate mission from official interests. In my opinion it is a polite but vain attempt to try to smooth over what the press in general has been doing in regards to the war in Iraq. There is a big difference between what the press continually reports, and what any official interests may be. The press has proven that it will cater to those officials who agree with their point of view, and nearly avoid completely any other official positions. I agree there are many reasons on both sides of the line for why officials or reporters do, and say what they do, and some valid ones were mentioned in the article. It was said that war in a democracy is controversial, actually war and democracy actually have nothing to do with each other except that one exists when the other fails, and there is no other correlation. I also agree that no one entity should control what is reported, but in reality, that’s not the way it is. Today money, power, and politics greatly influence what is reported, and the actions of the media in the last few decades reflect that. It is up to the general public to read and view a wide variety of accounts and commentary, but therein lies the problem. As a rule today, and this is true of the News Journal as well, the so-called wide variety of accounts and commentary are not forth coming. All we see are the bad news, the failures, the mistakes, and the death count. The media keep pounding those issues to death, while ignoring completely the other side of the story. How can the public be truly informed about the true picture of what is happening enough to make a decision if they are only getting one side of the story? This article does not fool me. I see the one sidedness each and every day from a multitude of media outlets. People should not have to hunt down and seek out the other side of the story; it should be forthcoming from their own local media outlets. Sadly it is not. If the News Journal really felt the way they portray in that article, then we would see just as many articles on the good things. How many schools are open now in Iraq, how many insurgents we took out, how many people now have jobs and a new home in Iraq. How about a special series on the great progress our fighting men and women in Iraq have made. It would surely be a lot better than the pathetic prison health series.