Thursday, April 10, 2014

Oh My GOD How Bad Can It Get?

    Pretty fucking bad, and I see no end in sight. I am getting more depressed each day as I read and see our state and country going down hill so fast. What pisses me off more is that those perpetrating this destruction on us are smug and insolent about it. I love to piss off Liberals and Progressives. You cannot talk to them and get them to understand. They are too fucking stupid. That is why I just say it like it is profanity and all. In short I am exercising my right to free speech. That is a real right protected by the real Constitution of the US. Not some imaginary right made up by some left wing Government or court.

    A lot has happened in the last few years as I predicted as soon as this piece of shit Obama was elected. I said he would bring in his own people, meaning his fellow blacks who are too stupid to see him for what he is, instead they only see a black guy. He could be the anti-Christ, if he really isn't, and they would still blindly vote for his racist ass. That is a huge problem with this country. But not the only one. So he brought in his own people, and those dumb ass hymie whites like Biden, Pelosi, and Reid, he could count on to either sell out their country, or just be the dumbest ass holes on the planet and be his boot lickers.

     At first he pushed this Health Care bullshit on the country. He illegally had it pushed through the congress, used bribes, intimidation, and closed door meetings to get the votes he needed and lied in the faces of the country to gain support for this crime. The projected costs were a lie, the promises that you could keep your policy were a lie, the promises that you could keep your doctor were a lie, the promises that 30 million uninsured Americans would then be covered was a lie, and the promise that it would be affordable was a lie. Either the fix was in, or the American people were so fucking stupid they believed this liar. I still stand by my decades old philosophy, never trust a nigger under any circumstances.

    But now we have even more unforeseen repercussions. The violation of peoples Constitutionally protected right to religion, and freedom. Both are attacked by this law in violation of the Constitution. These communist inspired policies mandate that contraceptives and other sexual preventatives and abortion inducing drugs and procedures must be provided in the plan. Good people who have a moral compass left are now being forced to provide coverage that violates their Constitutionally protected religious rights. Sadly, the cunt liberals in the courts are again used to violate the Constitutional right of the people in favor of an imaginary right as put forth by the courts. These no longer free citizens are now forced to violate their faith to conform to the liberal medical plans. Kind of takes you back to the good old days of 1930's Germany. Old uncle Adolph and his crew only wanted what was best for the country and its people. It was their way or the highway. The highway to a death camp that is. But you cannot make this glaring comparison, the liberals get all pissed off and start name calling. Fuck them.

    So it seems that things have come about full circle. These pieces of shit communists liberals destroyed the family unit, promoting sexual promiscuity (they call it sexual freedom), removal of morals, removal of responsibility, removal of God, support for the murder of the unborn, support of single parent families as normal and acceptable, and now the not free, free healthcare plan to pay for those abortions, and sexually transmitted diseases. Lets heap on some social programs to pay for all of the negative consequences of these acts too.

     Talking about sexual promiscuity that brings us to the faggots again. Liberals are emboldening these perverts to fight for their so called rights. Never knew being a pervert and a sexual deviant was a right. It was always a metal disorder and a crime to me and always will be becaue that is what it is.
It used to be these perverts would keep to themselves and do their thing behind closed doors. Not any more. Now they get into your face and into your life and into your fucking businesses at the blink of an eye. They have learned well from the liberals. They have excelled in using the intimidation thing, and character assassination thing, and the shutting down of opposing views thing. They have been indoctrinating our kids for decades in the schools. Instead of learning math and english and science, they are being taught that homo's and perverts are normal people and they should be treated as equals, after all they are only two people in love right. And don't dare mention common decency or morals, they are the new taboo. You cannot have a dissenting opinion or support any group that does not embrace faggots as wonderful caring normal people. Again, your Constitutionally protected religious rights are no longer protected. They have been set aside in favor of the perversion of society.

     Another observation in my state and country generally are the overall ignorance of people. Delaware used to be a wonderful state. We had low taxes, plenty of jobs, well maintained roads. We had big business banging on our door tripping over each other trying to get into the state and set up shop. We were regulation free, and we had jobs galore for educated, hard working middle class people. These people, mostly whites, came in droves. They set up house here. Construction was a good business back in the day. Houses and businesses were being built. These corporations made cutting edge advances in products that improved our lives. People were happy, polite, and friendly. They said hello, and came over to shake your hand and talk a bit. They welcomed you into the house and offered you something to eat. They drove like educated people, obeying the traffic laws. They lived like good citizens and didn't commit crime. They lived within their means.

    What the fuck happened? Minorities. Yes, blacks. They started using, or I should say abusing this new blanket of protection called the Civil Rights bill. Kennedy died because he was going to support this bill, but Johnson who was supposed to be the southern Democrat who would not dare sign it capitulated without a fight. That was the beginning of the end. Once that farce went into effect the minorities used it to gain access to jobs they were not qualified for, then houses they were not qualified for, and the ball kept rolling. A racist attitude, a smile while holding the knife for whitey behind their back, and a few bleeding heart dumb fuck whites were all that was needed to open the door. Once they get into positions within a company, they would roll out the discrimination wagon and complain that there were not enough blacks in management positions. Dumb fuck bleeding heart whitey caves in and moves a few unqualified blacks into positions of power. The ride down the slippery slope gains momentum. Next thing you know these black managers are hiring blacks simply because... they are black. In no way are they qualified for the jobs, they only get them because they are black. Companies that held back and stood their ground were met with protests and out comes the discrimination wagon again with complaints that now they don't hire enough minorities. So dumb fuck whitely caves again and hires more unqualified blacks.Liberals over take the state government. then comes the environmental Nazi's with their bullshit lies and manipulation. The liberals in Government, too fucking dumb to tell them to fuck off, cave in and start opening departments of Environment Control. I call them the Gestapo. Now businesses who are over burdened with lazy over paid blacks and union goons, have to deal with the regulations, and fines, and constant pestering. Many have closed up all together, others have shrunk so small they may as well be gone. Along with this shrinking comes the layoffs. More people out of work, less big companies with jobs. The white educated middle class move elsewhere to get the good paying jobs that have not been destroyed by Liberal policies elsewhere. More minorities move in, and the downward cycle continues. Eventually we get to where we are now. A smaller and smaller group are educated and hard working, while the state continues to grow and expand social programs that do not work, and will not ever work. All used to support the ever growing influx of losers and freeloaders.

   This cycle goes on for a decade or so and then we find ourselves with these people having money. They move here and buy houses, and this destroys once nice neighborhoods and makes them into places that make the inner city slums look good. Shootings, crime you name it begin to rise. Then they start to vote. Delaware when it was beautiful was a Red state, we had Republican governors. That all changed with the new demographic. We started seeing Democrats being elected, and things went downhill fast from there. These Democrats with their liberal agenda played on these gullible people and got themselves elected on false promises. Once in office they continued with the we care charade, and started setting up social programs. These are sold as a way to help the poor, the starving poor, or the children, we have to save the children. Over the years more and more of these bullshit bleeding heart programs have been put into place, for the poor and for the children. Funny though, for all of the promises, the poor seem to never get away from being poor, in fact exactly the opposite has occurred, more poor come into the ranks. Why is that? Because if you enable these free loaders to continue to get something for nothing, they will have no motivation to self improve and will figure out ways to work the system and use it to get what they want instead of improving themselves, which requires actual work, and move up the social ladder.As a result the state is in shambles. It is deteriorating at a rapid rate. Social programs are eating up bigger and bigger chunks of the state budget each year. Sadly, the state pays out more to maintain these systems and doing a vain attempt at fraud prevention than the programs themselves cost.

    But the slippery slope keeps working its magic and now we have high taxes, crumbling roads and infrastructure, poor job prospects, big corporations leaving because they are fined and regulated out of business, rude ignorant people moving into the area, but plenty of social programs. And there are new calls for more. Blacks have now gotten into the government like a cancer. Under the guise of helping the poor or more recently, helping the poor children, more and more social programs are being introduced so they and their buddies can scam themselves into living large. We have TANF, WIC, Food Stamps aka EBT, Free Schools, Free Lunch, Free Transportation, Free Medical Help, but we cannot pay for the military, police, roads, elderly care etc. What is more maddening are the sophisticated methods of abuse these groups have come up with. They use children's names to apply, they use dead relatives names, they use pets, you name it, its not off limits. They lie on forms and cheat the system at every turn.We have these pieces of shit driving around in Mercedes, BMW, Lexus and other luxury cars that are way beyond their means, buy there they are at the supermarket buying lobster, TBone Steak, Catering and a host of other garbage. How is this possible. Well they had the rules changed. All they had to do was cry poor and roll out the race card and all of the restrictions on Food Stamps aka EBT are removed. They can use the money as they see fit. So now we have low life pieces of shit buying furniture, vacation trips, lawn tractors and a host of other items that should not be allowed. Then they have the gall to come and say the kids have no lunch, and no breakfast. We need the schools to provide a lunch and now a breakfast and it has to be free. Total bullshit. A majority of these ass holes should not even qualify for assistance. If they can afford a Mercedes or a BMW they do not need fucking assistance. But as usual, the jackass Democrats start seriously considering their request instead of saying no, lets investigate this first and find out why these families cannot afford to send the kid to school with a few bucks or a packed lunch but there is a Mercedes in the driveway. Fucking ridiculous.

   I can go on and on and on with examples like this. I have not even started on the union pussies yet. Union greed is another cluster fuck the Democrats have gotten us into. No government job should ever be allowed to unionize. Its simply a money grab. These fucks could be getting $20 and hour to empty trash which they do not do anyway while they sit around and talk, and full benefits and these greedy cunts would still start crying about a fair wage or a wage they can support their family with. Oh but the CEO makes millions. Yeah, he runs a milti billion dollar company dickwad. Your cry babies clip a part together or run a machine or bake bread. Sorry, no brain surgeon pay for you, your not worth that much. Unions are nothing less than legalized extortion, period. The sooner we get rid of them the better we will be. We have a lot of union goons here. A small hand full are nice people. The rest are just a bunch of greed miserable cunts.

    Let me touch on driving here. These fucking cunts don't believe in obeying traffic laws. They do not understand what the fuck STOP means. They are so fucking ignorant selfish, and rude its pathetic. They run red lights, they run stop signs, they speed, they tailgate, they cut you off, they speed, and yield is not in their limited vocabulary either. They are the most impatient cunts I've ever seen. They cut through a parking lot of a corner business to get past having to stop at a light or stop sign. That is the most selfish ignorant thing I've ever seen.

    I will be retiring in a few years. I'm working on the financial part of it now if this fucking prick racist in the white house and these liberal fucks in Dover don't run me dry first. I cannot wait to flip Delaware off in my rear view mirror as I drive off to bigger and better things. I'm going someplace where whites dominate the population, are educated, polite, and business is allowed to thrive and taxes are low because the government is run by good conservatives and not a bunch of fucking liberal Democrat pricks. Someplace I can go out for a drive and not fear for my life because a majority of the other drivers are not selfish ignorant pricks. Someplace where there is peace and quiet and I can enjoy life again and be around respectable people. I have my sights set on a few places, just need that number 62 to flip over on the calendar.Until then, I reserve my God given right to say what ever the fuck I want including words liberals want to ban like faggot and nigger. I also reserve my right to associate with, deal with or reject any person for any reason including my being offended by their lifestyle or put off by their racist actions.