Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A Fine Pathetic Example

Well, old Ron Williams of the News Urinal got his ass reamed by the public about his diatribe on 2/15 regarding conservative talk radio. But as a typical Liberal who doesn't know when to shut up and move on, he just had to embarrass himself again by writing a follow up diatribe. This one was even more pathetic that the first, and is a fine example of how pathetic as well as desperate the Liberal media really are. First thing this jackal does is to start tossing out unsubstantiated and unsustantiatable blurbs of information in hopes that the gullable will latch onto his lies and believe them as truth. First he comes out with this insane statement that he recieved a lot of e-mails in response to his first diatribe, but 2/3's of them were in agreement with him. Yeah right, and my wanker is 3 feet long. Then he makes a vain attempt at attaching some legitimacy to his diatribe my blurting out that he talked with a former AM radio manager who agreed with what he had to say and gave a different angle to look at. What the reader got was nothing but smoke up their kazoos. Who is this mystery AM radio manager, and why is he only able to get a former and AM radio manager to agree with him. Bottom line, its a bunch of bull in an attempt to place legitimacy next to his story. Then he goes into this bazzar story about how conservative talk radio advertisers are mostly 800 number companys. What the hell does that have to do with legitimacy? Is old Ron meaning to imply that if a company has an 800 number they are sub par? More Liberal bull. Lastly, he attempts a shot at Rush Limbaugh directly by making the rediculous statement that he was "engineered" by some political entity to basically be a mouth piece for Bush 1. We all know this is a joke as Rush has been around a lot longer than Bush 1 which exposes this statement as a total fabrication and lie. Anyway, I've responded to this jackal Liberal and here is what I had to say.

Jesus H, Williams, give it up. After I stopped rolling on the floor laughing my butt off at your vain attempt to respond to the responses to your previous diatribe on 2/15, I just had to write to let you know that this second diatribe is even more pathetic than the first one. You must really believe that people are that stupid to believe your bull. You come out with this unsubstantiated crap like "well of all of the responses 2/3's of them agreed with me", yeah right and your actually a real man right. You know full well that a small group of gullible a-hole Liberals would just accept what you say as truth, and you don't have to substantiate your words. Then again you planned it that way by saying something that's very difficult to substantiate. Then there is this mystery AM radio manager you use to attempt to associate a bit of legitimacy to your diatribe. Why don't you give his name and number so we can follow up and see how full of crap you Liberals really are? Probably because the mystery man never existed. A typical Liberal ploy. Nothing has changed with the Liberal media I see. Same old MO of blurting out lies and unsubstantiated garbage, and hoping the public falls for it like they always have. Well, its not working. The only thing your succeeding in doing is making a bigger Liberal idiot of yourself. As for your diatribe, congratulations, as I said earlier, you outdid your last diatribe and made even less sense. Its so glaringly obvious that you have no damn clue as to what the hell your doing as a so called journalist. Any moron can put two and two together and say well gee lets see now. Air America is in bankruptcy and failing and we are supposed to believe that its advertisers will just stick it out because they're big buddies with sick assed Al Franken. Oh, but what's this, the fact is Air America is losing advertisers because they don't think its worth their money spent because the coverage S__KS! On the other hand, conservative talk radio programs continue to thrive. Why is that Ron? Because they are GOOD, and people listen to them, and the advertisers come and pay because there is a good value there. Funny too that of all of the shows, and I do listen all day long to several of them, that I've only ever heard of two 800 number ads. Those would be the 1-800 flowers and 1-800 general steel buildings. So, your meaning to say that just because a business offers an 800 number that its somehow pathetic and unworthy to be on your blessed Air America? Spare me please. As I said before, your so clueless Williams you'll never get out of the woods. Many top rated companies advertise with Conservative talk radio, namely, (Now pay attention dip-stick this is what you call substantiating), Sleep Number, Volvo, and Barnes & Noble. Lastly, I laughed the longest over this crap line you wrote about Rush being an engineered event based on some idiotic notion that he was needed as a mouthpiece for Bush 1. For your information you idiot, Rush was around a LONG time before anyone ever heard the name Bush. Of course again your hoping that the gullible dolts of Delaware will read your trash and believe it as truth. Your a disgrace. Give up your day job and go wash cars, that's more your speed given your obvious mental shortcomings. The more of you Liberal hate monger liar jackals that move on and go hide your empty heads in the sand somewhere the better off this country will be.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

They are getting desperate.

The Liberal media that is. Today we had a pathetic article on the opinion page of the local Liberal rag The News Urinal by Ron Williams. Poor pathetic Ron rambles on about Conservative Talk Radio and how its all a bunch of lies and bullcrap. What a joke. I had to write a response to that garbage diatribe so here goes.

Williams, what is it with Liberals like you? You a-holes cannot stand the fact that you no longer have a monopoly on the media so you can cover up your dirty Democrat and Liberal deeds and propigate the Liberal lies. You cannot stand the fact that now there are other outlets out there that actually try to tell the whole story and the truth. Truth that no one would ever hear if it was up to Liberals like you. Face the facts, Clinton sucked. He was and is a criminal and was Impeached. His support only seemed high because back then the people were not getting the truth from the media, they were being told what the Liberals wanted them to hear. Those of us with working brains kept saying to ourselves, what the hell, thats not right. We knew something was very wrong. We've said that a million times when assnine decision were made, appeasements were put forth and the wrong thing was done and it was written about like it was the correct and proper thing to do. We finally have a man in the White House that has some spine and a decent vision and you Liberals are in a damn uproar. You lie, you cheat, you make up stories, you make big deals out of nothing just like this Cheney hunting incident. Its none of your damn business what happened on that hunting trip, and if the White House decided not to tell you Liberals a thing, its their right. You all are so desperate because you know you are losing the information wars now too. You've been exposed, your TV stations are showing poor ratings, your papers are seeing lower distribution and some are closing, and your beloved Air America joke is a FAILURE. Ask yourself why idiot. Its so evident every time you Liberals open your big mouths you stick your wanker in it. Yesterday David "I'm a disgrace" Gregory crapped down his own neck acting like an ass in front of the world in the presser room. Keep up the good work idiots, the truth is out, people are wiseing up to your antics, and they are putting a stop to your rein of lies and bullcrap. Thank God in heaven for Rush, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Mike Smirconish, Ann Coulter and Fox News. They are the saviours of our time, and are winning the war against Liberals like you and your ilk, get over it. Get a life, please.