Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Not Every God Damned Thing Is A Right

I get so sick and tired of hearing fucking idiots, especially young people who have no God damned clue, saying I have a right to X. Bullshit, in reality, rights are very limited and well defined in the Constitution. Its called The Bill Of Rights. An even bigger problem, is the progressives twisting the meaning of the Bill of Rights and what they really mean. One of the most abused Rights is the right to religious freedom. What the founding fathers clearly intended was for no one to be persecuted for practicing their religion or because of their beliefs. But the progressives have bastardized this into some convoluted pile of shit that they say is a complete separation of everything religion and everything government. WRONG! The word separation is not even in the paragraph. People have a guaranteed right under this amendment to practice their faith where ever and when ever they please. It can be at home, in a store, in a public school, or in the capital building, it makes no difference. What is NOT allowed is for anyone to interfere with that right, that would include the courts and any other government official. But today, tings are so pathetic that even this ass hole we call president Obama doesn't even have a clue regarding this important right. There is currently a debate going on regarding the building of a Mosque at the Trade Center site in New York. Yes, the site where Muslim murderers slaughtered nearly 3000 innocent humans in an act of Islamic hatred. To even ask for permission to build a Mosque near this sacred site is simply inconsiderate, rude and unbelievably insensitive. But these animals don't give a shit, they have an agenda and we all know it. Its to throw their bullshit faith in the face of all those people who lost love ones and to America in general. Its nothing less than a trophy for their triumph and should not be permitted, period. But as this debate carries on and on with the progressives bending over backwards to kiss the Muslim's asses, the idiot Obama gets up to pontificate. He says that in America, all people of all religions, especially those of the Muslim faith, have a right to practice their religion. This is correct, but, that is not what the debate is all about you fucking idiot. No one is trying to stop them from practicing their faith at all. They are objecting to the building of a Mosque near the murder scene. So then this idiot you elected says that Muslims have a right to build a Mosque. No they do NOT. That is NOT a right guaranteed under the Constitution. Building a building or any other structure is not a fucking right, its a privledge, and these fucking progressives had better start learning the difference. Permission to build anything is granted by the state, city, municipality who has jurisdiction. Their permission is a privledge granted by the governing body just like a driving license. If the board or committee see no harm to the public good, or little or no opposition they can grant this privledge. But it is NOT a fucking right. Other popular subjects that are recently claimed to be rights but are privledges are: Wanton sex, being offended, perversion, breaking the law, sticking your nose into other peoples fucking business, making noise, being rude and insulent, being disruptive, entering the country illegally, obtaining public benefits, lewed behaviour, public displays of sex, and a host of other perversions and vices. Its sad to know that some idiots actually think they have a right to everything or to do anything they want. They are WRONG. There are laws and rules to be followed. They are fucking there for a reason, to keep order, and to keep society within bounds of common decency. So we hate to rain on your little progressive parade, but you had better get used to knowing the difference.