Wednesday, November 08, 2006

From The Pan Into The Fire

I'd like to thank and say a big FUCK YOU to all of my fellow gullable stupid jackass fellow Americans for voting to further undermine this country and endanger our lives. What we can expect now that the Liberal left is in a position of power and what will change is outlined below.

What may Stop: (Thankfully) To a point, what will stop is the Liberal coordinated stonewalling, fillibustering, complaining, obstructionisim, lies, fabrication of false and liabal news stories, skillfully screened news reporting to show only the worse of everything when the good things actually outweigh the bad, character assasinations, and other Liberal tactics that have prevented anything good from getting done during the last 12 years. Just remember, paybacks are a bitch, we'll just do it legally and with some class.

Happen: What WILL happen is this:

1.) Our taxes will go up, and our wages will stagnate or go down.
2.) More needless wasteful social programs, most of which will favor special groups instead of being available for all equally, will be enacted at our expense.
3.) The continuation of the courruption of our Constitution to fit the anti-American and immoral Liberal agenda.
4.) The continued violation of our civil rights particualrly in areas of free speach, expressions of religion, the upholding and enforcement of current laws that protect us, and the ability for us to protect ourselves.
5.) Amnesty for all Illegal aliens for which we will pay dearly for on several fronts.
6.) We'll now send a concise and clearer message to all of the world that we are a gutless, spineless country of pussies, and we have no will to fight and protect ourselves especially when the going gets tough. This will be accomplished in several ways, the three major means will be the terrorists will see this election as a sign that American is weak, Americans are pussies, and we cannot stand the fight. By placing our tails between our legs and cutting and running from the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan thus enacting a huge Liberal slap in the face to all our fighting men and women still living, veterans of past conflicts, and the families of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Those deceased soldiers families essentually get the message that ther loved one died in vain and they got what they deserved. Third, there will be a marked increase in Liberal appeasement, hand wringing, and capitualtion to anyone who rattles their sword or just talks tough.
7.) Terrorisim, having won a huge victory, will now truly be emboldened and continue with renewed vigor working on their plans to destroy us. Major attacks can now be planned without distraction or consequenses. In fact we'll even help them further by offering them monies, supplies, trade secrets, and open unprotected borders.
8.) A marked decline in the moral fibre in the country. This will be accomplished by intollerance towards anything remotely christian in the name of tollerance for any other religion, the more evil the better. The hamstringing of police powers to enforce the law. The hamstringing of local lawmakers to enact laws designed to protect the commonwealth, and actually stop crime. The promotion of immoral ideals such as Gay Marriage, Murder via Abortion, materialisim, and sexual promiscuity.
9.) John Bolton will not be approved by Congress and they will appoint a spinelss appeasement minded Liberal to the position.
10.) If any Supreme Court openings occur during their reign, they will appoint far left Liberal judges instead of the right persons.
11.) Instead of getting to work on the real issues as promissed, they will early on initiate witch hunts which will waste our time and money.
12.) Almost all of the bullcrap promises made during election time will be suddenly changed to a different story. Proof of them not ever having any 'plan' will become quite evident.

I will be keeping a score card on these issues and we'll see how right I am.