Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Delmarva Power's Rate Increase Exposed!!!

Hope you readers noticed what was in todays (Wednesdays) News Journal paper. Right there on the front page is your answer clear as day as to why we have to suffer a 59% rate increase by Delmarva. I told you about DNREC before and how they are a destructive Liberal group. Today is was announced that for the past year they have been working on a plan to enforce stricter than Federal regulations and calling for air pollution plans for the areas power suppliers. How ironic, this was going on just before the rate hikes were to be enabled by the expiration of the state pricing controls. How ironic that after all of the public outcry that nothing was done by our heavily Democratic Liberal state policy makers. They simply claim that there is nothing they can do. Of course there is something they can do. They can STOP with this molly coddling of both DNREC, and the utility companies. But they won't do either because they love DNREC and every Liberal destructive thing they stand for. They also want to stay in favor of the big power conglomerate here, aka Delmarva. God forbid they loose that financial backing and support from powerful business interests. So they say to businesses like Delmarva. We're very supportive of DNREC, but we love you too, so this is what we're gonna do. We'll continue to let DNREC destroy this state and make unbearable hardships on its people a reality so we can save the froggies, fishies, and the trees, but at the same time we'll not enact any more pricing controls so you can charge what ever you want in preperation of having to pay for complying with DNREC's nonsense. This is exactly what happens when you elect Liberal Democrats into office. If this state were still Republican, DNREC would be booted out the door or better yet, not even exist, and Delmarva would be getting their favored treatment still, the difference is we'd not be paying out our asses for a needless rate increase to save the froggies, fishies, and the trees.

ABOLISH DNREC NOW!!!! Then vote Republican!!!