Thursday, March 02, 2006

Finally, A Group With Balls

Why is it that the News Journal always ends up on the wrong side of an issue? The latest example is with the issue regarding the Indian River School district. The News Journal as well as other Secularist Liberals and Secularist Liberal entities insist on putting forth their version of the truth on matters such as this where there is an alleged “Separation” issue.

You are wrong. The United States Constitution does not anywhere afford a complete or even a partial “Separation” between any government entity and the churches, their teachings or their practices. In fact, the United States Constitution guarantees the opposite, in that all of the peoples rights to practice their religion, or not, is guaranteed without interference from any government entity, which would include the courts and their judges.

Secularist, be they individuals with an agenda such as an athiest, or entities such as the ACLU with an anti-religion agenda have for years violated this Constitutional right by obtaining unconstitutional judgments in the courts, all at tax payer expense. They will argue, such as the News Journal has, that no rights have been violated by these judgements, and that all people still retain the right to practice their religion as they see fit as long as its where THEY dictate it can be done. Such favored places are in the home or their house of worship. Sorry, but our rights under the United States Constitution do not suddenly stop at the border of a property or the threshold of a building simply because that land or structure happens to be owned by the government. Our rights as citizens apply at all times and in ALL places within the borders of the United States, not where the Secularists get the judges to order us where we can and cannot exercise our rights.

Its time for the News Journal and other entities to start getting this right, and for the people and entities such as the Indian River School district not to succumb to the pressures applied by big money (and tax payer money) supported Secular entities such as the ACLU who hide their true anti-American, anti-religious agenda under the guise of human and civil rights. I am very proud of the Indian River School District, and am hoping they will prevail and finally put a stop to this trend of the violation of religious rights under the guise of the non-existent “Separation” clause. More school districts, churches and government entities should follow suit and stop folding under the threats from the ACLU, and start standing up for their rights as they really exist under the Constitution.