Friday, January 20, 2006

Are You Lefties Awake????

Are all of you Liberal lefties and Democrats awake and paying attention??? We can only hope so. This whole business with the confirmation hearings for Samuel Alito should be a serious, serious awakening for any idiot who is not 1.) Totally brain dead, 2.) Just simply a complete a-hole, or 3.) Deceased. How anyone, I mean anyone with a working living brain could poissibly not vote FOR the confirmation of Samuel Alito is as telling as its ever going to get for those idiots who still insist that the Democratic party is good for America and the little man. If you still think that, you have a serious mental deficiency. For anyone to vote no for such a perfectly qualified man simply because they have some sort of question about how that person may handle a ruling on one single issue is insanity. Democrats need to wake up and do it very damn soon. You cannot vote NO for a person over one issue when there are litterally dozens of more critical issues affecting this country, all of which the nominee would most likely vote correctly and according to the actual law in regards to. Democrats insist on putting into place the WRONG person to the highest court in the land, and tell us that this is the right person because they would make law from the bench and allow horrible incorrect and damaging decisions that would violate our rights. You all are pathetic idiots. What is really truly wrong with this country has been exposed with glaring clarity. I can only hope and pray that the people are watching and paying attention. Vote the Democrats out of office at the soonest possible opportinuty, and continue to move this country in the right direction.