Friday, March 03, 2006

Do Liberals Have Real Jobs?

Its just sickening having to listen to Liberals talk most of the time. I mean, some of these braindead moonbats are really f'ing out there. How in Gods name does a person get so screwed up? A case in point are these jackals who have no life, and sit there day in and day out and think up ways to make peoples lives miserable and difficult. Wal Mart is a prime example.

Wal Mart is a very large and successful company. So that paints a very large red bullseye on their backs, (just like Microsoft), and this attracts the attention of the Union Hymies and Liberals faster than flies to a fresh steaming pile of dung. On the way to work this morning I was listening to a good conservative talk radio program. This keeps my blood pressure down as I deal with ignorant inconsiderant drivers and other road morons. Occasionally this works against me though, and today was that day. The host had some Liberal guest on the show. I cannot recall his name but he was a lawyer with a very ethnic sounding name. Anyway, this moonbat Liberal proceeds in typical Liberal fashion to toss out what on the surface appear to be valid facts to substantiate his opinion that Wal Mart is a corporate greedy entity who is unfair to its employees, and is playing a game where they force a majority of their employees onto the Medicaid rolls. He vainly attempts to use radically different percentage numbers in an attempt to shock the listener into thinking Oh My God, Wal Mart is so horrible.

Well that may work on typical brain dead Liberals whom you can spoon feed mud, tell them it's pudding, and they are stupid enough to believe it. Seeing that I actually have a working live brain, I immediately said to myself, well what are the number of employees for each company? This of course was not forthcoming in the diatribe of distain filled carefully selected mis-information that was being offered. I also asked myself what kinds of health plans do each company offer. Now before I go into blasting this Liberal apart, and he deserves no less, I'd like to point out that he also came out with this insane statement that Wal Mart had a duty to offer health benefits to their employees, and if not they should somehow be regulated. This is bullcrap. This country works on the free enterprise market system. Wal Mart or any other employer is under NO obligation what so ever to offer anything to their employees outside of minimum wage. Wal Mart also has a right to run their company in what ever manner they see fit to stay afloat and make a profit. These Liberals cannot stand the fact that a business could actually be successful in this country. As soon as a company posts a profit, these bleeding heart Liberals get into a frenzy about how they can spend those profits on some one of their many bleeding heart issues. The bigger the company and their profits, the bigger a target they become for Liberal attacks.

But the real issue here was this health care benefits thing. Mr Liberal hack used Costco vs Wal Mart to make his slanted comparisons. He tossed out a factoid that 48% of Wal Mart employees are on the Medicaid roles vs only 16% from Costco are on the roles. I'm not impressed with the numbers because they may sound impressive to other moonbats, but tell me nothing. Smart people will, as I did, ask well how many people does each company employ? Costco employs 118,000 with an anual growth rate of 4%, where Wal Mart employs 1,700,000 with an annual growth rate of 13%. So lets put those numbers into perspective shall we? Only 96,760 of CostCo employees are in a company health plan and off of Medicaid, vs 816,000 Wal Mart employees that are in a company health plan and off of Medicaid. So you could turn the tables and point out that Wal Mart has 8.4 times the number of employees ON the company health care plan than Costco does so Costco had better pick up the pace.

Second, in this country, as we have mentioned before, no company is under any obligation to offer any health plan at all unless of course they were blackmailed into it by a union, but thats another blog. Each company is free to offer what ever plan they choose, or no plan at all. Both companys offer health plans in this case. Costco offers all full time employees a full health plan package, and part time employees are offered a scaled down package. One important point, Costco hires almost all new employees as part time and promotes from within. So nearly all employees are forced into the lesser health plan option in the beginning. I'm waiting for the Liberal outcry... Wal Mart offers all full time employees a full health plan package after 30 days, where part time employees are not covered for the first two years. If one has any understanding of how businesses work in this country, they will see nothing wrong with either companies offerings. In fact both plans are fair and well within standard business practices. In the over all scheme of things, Wal Mart is much bigger than Costco and many other employers in the country, and therefore its expenses, particualrly for health benefits costs are that much higher. That only makes sense, and is the way it is in the business world. Because of these factors, Wal Mart offers a more restrictive health care plan to part time employees, as well as slightly lower starting salaries to help save costs and help them to keep making a profit. This is NO big deal, it happens all over the country. In fact one of my past employers did that waiting to get into the health plan game, and I know of several more who don't offer any benefits to anyone for the first two years including full time employees. But Wal Mart is big, there is that target on its back, and its driving Liberals up a wall attempting to control other peoples lives so it suits their twisted ideals.

Lastly, we are talking about two different types of retail establishments here. Wal Mart caters to the people with the lowest incomes. Thats one of the reasons they are so popular and successful. Therefore their client base and their employee pool base will come from the same group of lower income people. Costco on the other hand is a bit more upscale. They attract customers and employees from a different demographic pool. Thats the way it is, and there is nothing wrong or illegal with that, yet. The Liberals, I am sure, will make every effort to have laws changed to further their agenda of control and manipulation in that regard. However, the point is that, that because of the poorer people in the Wal Mart employee pool base, less of them can afford to participate in the health plans offered, and many leave before meeting eligibility thus bumping up that percentage.

What the Liberals want is for Wal Mart to pay for their poor employees health care coverage, and to do so right from the start to balance the tables, and because Wal Mart has no legal obligation to do so, it makes them irate. Oh well. The plan is offered to everyone equally, its fair, it follows common business practices, and its the best they can offer and still run their business as they see fit and make a profit. Liberals are just going to have to get over this unyielding urge to seek out what they percieve as injustices in the world, and becoming obsessed with fixing every wrong to their satisfaction. We say, get a life, get a real job, and leave the businesses and the people alone.