Thursday, May 23, 2013

Biden Is A Moron, And Other Liberal Idiots

     There was a small piece in the local paper yesterday about Joe the ass hole Biden our embarrassment of a Vice President. The headline states: Biden: Jews drove gay marriage changes. The aritcle goes on to say that jackass Joe was addressing the Jewish American Heritage Month reception hosted by, duh, the Democratic National Committee. Jackass Joe goes on to say culture and arts change peoples attitudes. Social Media, and the old TV series Nancy and Grace were cited as examples. Jackass Joe asked the attendees to think that behind all of that (I assume "that" is propaganda.), that he thinks 85% of those changes regarding homo's wheither they be via Hollywood or other social media were a consequence of Jewish leaders in the industry.

    Are you fucking kidding me???? Biden has just laid the entire demoralization of American culture at the feet of the Jews. Granted, hollywood and TV and social media do play a big role in indoctrinating the young and easily swayed into a different way of thinking, for example that being a faggot is perfectly normal and acceptable, that murdering fetuses is just Ok and allowable, and ikts OK for women to act like whores, that taking the wealth from those who work hard and giving it away to low life pieces of shit in society is the right thing to do etc etc., but there are some other players involved such as the Liberals and Progressives in general who are not all Jews, special interest groups for athiests, homo's and all other sorts of ilk the general citizenry are opposed to, who may also not be majority Jewish. But this is all on the Jews now, jackass Joe has said so.

    Well jackass Joe, did you ever stop to think that back in the early 1900's over in a country in Europe, the Jews were doing the same thing you are admitting that they are doing here and now today in America. Spreading imorality, promoting abortions, promoting homosexuality, promoting pornography, and basically degrading society and the people in it?? Do you remember Joe what happend when the people of that country had had enough, what happened to those Jews? Your so much of a feeble minded ass your shit forgets to think. People actually do resent what is happening to America, they resent the people doing what is being done to this country. The breaking down of society, the lack of morals and the lack of common decency. We as a human race are supposed to be learning and moving past those social sicknesses, but instead because of people like you and those you endorse, the Jews, for helping we are going backward and embracing those things we shunned for decades becaue they were wrong and unacceptable. Will we have another Hollocaust, not likely in todays world, but there will be reprocussions at some point, and now thanks to you, you fucking idiot, the Jews will be a major target. Because of your actions and words of praise towards the Jews for helping to tear down our society and calling it good, you have made them a bigger target than ever. Way to go jackass.

     Also, today we had a liberal cunt writing into the News Urinal opinion page with his pathetic liberal ranting. His name is Boyle. He goes on like a typical loon, which Liberals are, about venom boiling and how Conservatives are easily duped voters and such bullshit. Then he begins going into some sick liberal mental image of a person stroking a firearm while watching Fox news bimbos. (In reality, Boyle is probably watching the beautiful women on fox stroking his little pecker.) Then he moves on to the typical name calling of a liberal who has no valid argument or anything of fucking value to say, and cuts down Ruch Limbaugh, Hannity and other patriots before ripping into the Tea Party and does some rambling about bigotry.

     Seems to me we can plainly and clearly see who is the bigot here ass hole. YOU are the bigot here. Your too fucking stupid to open YOUR eyes and see what is happening around you. All you know is the brainwashed hate bullshit and name calling you've been indoctrinated into by your narrow minded liberal media. You have gall telling conservatives they are morons for only watching one source for news, and that they should watch more liberal media so they get educated. Well cunt, its quite clear who the uneducated ass is here and its not the conservaitves who gravitate to the source their simple common sense tells them is giving information that makes sense, and its indoctrinating them with left wing bullshit while they protect a piece of shit criminal administration, and spew lies faster than the devil himself. So, Boyle, you can take your liberal rant, and your bullsit rant and shove it up your fucking ass so far you can chew on it and spit it back out onto the liberal spoon it was fed to you with. Then you can get the fuck out of MY country so we can start repairing the damage you and your liberal commie cunts have caused here. Oh and by the way, if you think everything the conservatives say is bullshit, which is what you say in your rant, and a lie, which is also what you say in your rant, then why did you yourself envoke the "low information voters" line towards conservatives if it was such a bunch of billshit. Your the only bullshit here Boyle. Nuff said.