Friday, March 13, 2009

Some Poignant Thoughts On Liberalisim

The fall of Carthage is a terrible example of the slow agony of a people which ended in destruction and which was the fault of the people themselves. In his three articles of faith Carl Clausewitz expressed this event admirably and gave it a definite form when he said: "The stigma of shame incurred by a cowardly submission can never be effaced. The drop of poison which thus enters the blood of a nation will be transmitted to posterity. It will undermine and paralyse the strength of later generations." How true!

Once the slippery slope of Liberalisim had been tread upon, our people were unable to pluck up sufficient courage and energy to call a halt suddenly to the conduct of our Liberal adversary as the oppressive measures were being constantly renewed. The enemy was too shrewd to put forward all his demands at once. He confined his duress always to those exactions which, in his opinion, and sadly that of our Government, could be submitted to for the moment: so that in this way they did not risk causing an explosion of public feeling. But accordingly as the single impositions were increasingly subscribed to and tolerated it appeared less justifiable to do now in the case of one sole imposition or act of duress what had not been previously done in the case of so many others, namely, to oppose it. That is the 'drop of poison' of which Carl Clausewitz spoke. Once this lack of character is manifested the resultant condition becomes steadily aggravated and weighs like an evil inheritance on all future decisions. It may become as a leaden weight around the nation's neck, which cannot be shaken off but which forces it to drag out its existence in slavery to it.

The immenent collapse of our nation in the years to come will be bitter and manifest. Yet it was in recent years that was the time chosen to persecute us in the most malicious way our enemies could devise, so that what happened afterwards could have been foretold by anybody. The government to which our people submitted was and is as hopelessly incompetent as it was and is conceited, and this was especially shown in repudiating those who gave any warning that disturbed or displeased. Then we saw--and today also--the greatest congressional nincompoops, really common saddlers and glove-makers--not merely by trade, for that would signify very little--suddenly raised to the rank of statesmen and sermonizing to humble mortals from that pedestal. It did not matter, and it still does not matter, that such a 'statesman', after having displayed his or her talents for six months or so as a mere windbag, is shown up for what he or she is, and becomes the object of public raillery and sarcasm. It does not matter that he or she has given the most evident proof of complete incompetency. No. That does not matter at all. On the contrary, the less real service the statesmen of this Government render the country, the more savagely they persecute all who expect that congressional deputies should show some positive results of their activities. They persecute everybody who dares to point to the failure of these activities and predict similar failures for the future. If one finally succeeds in nailing down one of these Liberals to hard facts, so that this political artist can no longer deny the real failure of his whole action and its results, then he will find thousands of grounds for excuse, but will in no way admit that he himself is the chief cause of the evil.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Thought For Today

The lack of character which our people have shown during the last four decades is deeply distressing. The indifference with which they have treated the most urgent necessities of our nation might veritably lead one to despair. Their cowardice is such that it often cries to heaven for vengeance. But one must never forget that we are dealing with a people who gave to the world, a few years previously, an admirable example of the highest human qualities. From the first days of July 1776 to the end of the tremendous struggle between the nations, no people in the world gave a better proof of manly courage, tenacity and patient endurance, than this people gave who are so cast down and dispirited to-day. Nobody will dare to assert that the lack of character among our people to-day is typical of them. What we have to endure to-day, among us and around us, is due only to the influence of the sad and distressing effects that followed the high treason committed by the Liberal movement. More than ever before the word of the poet is true: that evil can only give rise to evil. But even in this epoch those qualities among our people which are fundamentally sound are not entirely lost. They slumber in the depths of the national conscience, and sometimes in the clouded firmament we see certain qualities like shining lights which America will one day remember as the first symptoms of a revival. We often see young Americans assembling and forming determined resolutions, freely and willingly to offer themselves as a sacrifice on the altar of their beloved country. The oppression which we suffer from at the hands of Liberals is no longer taken, as it formerly was, as a matter for laughter; but it is resented with bitterness and anger. There can be no doubt that a great change of attitude has taken place.

This evolution has not yet taken the shape of a conscious intention and movement to restore the political power, independence and freedom of our nation; but the blame for this must be attributed to those utterly incompetent people who have no natural endowments to qualify them for statesmanship and yet have been governing our nation since 1960 and leading it to ruin.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

There Is Only One Way To Save The USA

Its been way too God damn long since I've been able to post here, but that's just the way it goes. Fortunately I have a life, and a job, which is more than I can say for a majority of the ass holes in this country, and a wife and a home. All of which need my attention before the blog does. But this is not to say that all this time I've not been witnessing the total destruction of this country by the left wing jackasses which includes mostly Democrats, "advocates", "lobbyists", "special interest groups", and other communist entities. My blood continues to boil more and more as they inflict their bullshit on me and my country and drive us both further into ruin. So, I've gotten back to the blog, and I have plenty of truth telling to do.

Its becoming more and more apparent that this whole mess has gone on for so long, and is so entrenched, and is so big, that there really is no way for a single elected official to repair the damage. Sadly, I've come to the realization that the only way for this fucking mess to be cleaned up, is for the entire system to experience a complete collapse, and hope that a conservative or similar smart, and common sense thinking person picks up the pieces and puts them back together properly. I do not think its possible to infiltrate enough of the right people into enough of the right places quickly enough to be able to take things over like Hitler did to Germany.

I bring up Germany because, as smarter scholars have said, unless we learn from our past, we are destined to witness history repeating itself. For those people who even bother to study history at all, and who have any idea of the why's and how's of Germany's involvement in two world wars, this will be food for thought. The rest of the idiots will continue to either be in denial, or continue with their idiotic modus operandai of labeling, and character assassination. What ever. The bottom line is that history is repeating itself. The big question is, how will what is happening to America be confronted, challenged, and changed by its people and leaders. We certainly do not want to go the way of Hitlers Reich, that was an extreme we do not want to ever see in our lifetimes again. This is not so say however, that what Hitler wrote about in his book Mein Kamph, of what was happening to his country, and how his government was a failure, and how the wrong things in German society were not being addressed is not exactly what is happening to America today. He wrote of the failure of his parlamentary government, the inability of the elected officials to do the jobs they were elected to do, the social decay that was being allowed to infect the social aspects and people of his country, and the naivety of the masses in general, and how easily they are swayed by propaganda, emotions, and basic human insticts, such as greed and selfishness. All of the things he wrote about then are being mirrored today in America. We have a government that is failing to do its job as planned. We have elected officials who are more interested in getting re-elected than doing whats best for his/her country and the people he is supposed to represent. Most elected officials are not qualified to do their jobs. Most elected officials are of the wealthy class, and have little or nothing in common with the average citizen. The country is being influenced in a most negative manner by outside influences, and is losing its sovergn power. Its social base is erroded by corruption, and the complete lack of personal responsibility, the total lack of pride in their country, the total lack of any moral standard, and the total lack of proper training needed to make productive citizens of its children. This is just the tip of the iceberg. But as you read that book, and read about what he was seeing, and what was happening to his country, you would have to be completely brain dead not to see the massive parallels with America today.

One will also then understand why and how much anger, and how much hatred was built up in this man, and those he was close to. There was also a lot of anger in the German people, thats what helped make Hitlers plan work so quickly. Hate and anger are great motivators, and he was certainly no exception, and obviously was not immune to it, in fact, he used it to his advantage very effectively. Sadly for the millions of his victims, his plans went to extreems with disasterous results. His take over of Germany over several years, and legally, was brilliant, but in today's world, there is no possibility of the same or similar chain of events being put into play as quickly if at all. This is good and this is bad. Its good in that we have a system that would prevent such a radical viewpoint from taking control quickly, and not being put into check, but on the other hand its bad because it makes it much harder of not impossible for the people to stop what is happening to their country. There lies another paralell. Hitler employed the laws and rules of the day to ensure that resistance of any sort was silenced and eliminated. Once the party got a good foothold, the use of force was employed as well, and quite effectively. Today, you have the Liberal left making laws the prohibit free speech, prohibit "unauthorized" public gatherings, and prohibit any type of expression that does not align with the left's viewpoint and ideology. Those are God given rights guaranteed under our Constitution, and they've been taken away from us. Once the process is started however, its almost impossible to stop. The liberals and Hitlers of today knew this, and so they have come up with a slower easier plan to work diligently over several decades to get where we are today. Infiltrate positions of power, then use that power to slowly make the changes they desire. Bring more of the gullible masses into the fold with propaganda, and control them with propaganda, which is facilitated by taking over of the media. Bring even more into the fold by infiltrating the learning institutions, and indoctrinating the young to the liberal mindset. Infiltrate the legal system and a major political party which are the ultimate source of power and control as they control the laws and the wealth. Once these actions had been taken, they were better able to execute their plans. Similarities exist between the two take overs, with necessary modifications, but the result is exactly the same. We now have a radical party in charge who is completely out of control. Their agenda is different, but their goal is similar. The agenda is not to exterminate any particular group of people, and create a perfect nation, their agenda is to take complete control over all of the people, remove all social morality, all religion, and install everything that is wrong and socially unacceptable. They use the gullibility and instinctive greed of the individual as their main tool. They are well on their way to succeeding.

They have successfully infiltrated and taken control over a major political party, the Democratic party. They have successfully infiltrated and taken control over the learning institutions, and put into place the means to block exposure to and learning of materials that would build strong, responsible, moral, motivated individuals, and installed all of the materials and methods that produce insulent, irresponsible, uneducated, untrained worthless drones taught to be dependent on the government for everything. They have successfully manipulated the laws and rules of society so that the police are more powerless, and the criminals are more empowered. They have successfully marketed bad as good, humanisim, selfishness, greed, irresponsibility, and promiscuity for example as good, while marketing good deeds, responsibility, creativeness, self esteem, character building, and religion for example as bad things. They constantly make laws and rules that go against what is socially acceptable to the majority in favor of the desires of some radical majority. The exact opposite of a true democratic society. They have successfully mocked everything the Constitution stands for, and re-interpret it as they see fit to fit their agenda. There are so many areas they have touched and infected with their disease its literally impossible to touch on them all on this blog. But I think I get my point across.

This country is on the road to ruin, and it has been for a long time. Its so far gone that it may not be possible to fix it even if we play the same infiltration game that the liberals have over the last several decades. The infiltration and damage is too big, too widespread, and the roadblocks too large and numerous. I have not seen a good old American grass roots uprising yet however. Not sure how or if it would work, but I'd at least like to see someone start one, and see where it goes. Then we'll know for sure if total collapse is the only answer.