Wednesday, August 08, 2012

The Insanity of Liberalism

Everything some liberal jackass or "advocate" touches turns to shit. They are always coming up with some bleeding heart bullshit to grasp onto and have laws changed to stop their perceived wrongs. A good case in point would be the example I came across last evening on Facebook.

For years now we have groups of advocate morons working for so called animal rights. First of all, they are animals, animals have no rights. Should they be treated properly, sure, no one wants to see any animal deliberately abused. However, the advocate ass holes for years have been spinning their misinformation regarding what is animal abuse and who's responsibility it is to police for the animals. Its gotten to the point now that a pet owner cannot look at their pet the unapproved way or its some kind of abuse. What is worse is that they now have the feeble minded idiots out there all worked up about these made up animal rights, and now they are "motivated".

As I said earlier, when Liberals get involved things are going to get worse. To common sense people, kicking a dog or whipping a horse with a stick are examples of animal abuse. To the rest of the morons, simply chaining pup up outside for some fresh air is now a major crime. Yup, believe it, its happened. Several states have signed into law, legislation that says you cannot chain pup up in the back yard any more. The bleeding heart advocates say that is abuse, and cruel to the animal. I'm convinced that these idiots never took a walk in the woods, probably because of the gays they advocated for last week as being perfectly normal are having sex in those woods. Anyway if they did take a walk in the woods they would see that all day long, winter, summer, spring and fall, animals are out in the elements and coping quite well. We see reports all the time, dog lost for 4 years returns home. Oh my how did pup survive out in the cruel cruel world. 

This insanity leads us to come across postings on Facebook like the one I had the misfortune of seeing last evening. Some one of my wife's friends posted a photo of a dog sitting in a car. It was a straight on shot through the windshield. The person posted the photo and said "today I saw this". Pup looked quite happy and didn't look like he/she was in distress at all. More importantly, you could not see if the windows were down, or if the car was actually running with the AC on. But in spite of this there was an immediate flurry of hate filled and insane comments that gave new meaning to the phrase "humans are idiots". Here is an idea of what some of the posts were like (with my observational comments.). Wait and confront the owner. (And get stabbed or shot). Call the police. (How about minding your own business?). Call animal control. (How about minding your own business?). Throw a brick through the window and take the dog. (Destruction of private property and theft.) Slash the tires. (Destruction of private property.) You get the idea.

My first thought after reading the first few posts was these people are idiots. They are over reacting, and not one of them asked any questions to validate what they thought was happening. They all jumped to a conclusion and started posting insane and illegal postings. I posted that it was amazing how many people jumped to the conclusion that it was hot or freezing out and the windows were closed in the vehicle and the climate control system was off. I also pointed out that maybe this was the result of more liberal meddling. That the pet owner could not leave pup at home because the dog would eat the furniture or crap the floors. Pet owner could not longer chain pup out for a few minutes while they went to the store thanks to new liberal idiocy laws making it illegal. Pet owner was therefore forced to bring pet with them. Pet owner was courteous enough to not bring an animal into a store that was not a trained seeing eye dog, and that the only other recourse was to leave pup in the car possibly with the AC or heat on while they ran in for some supplies. The responses I got were in cap letters so they were shouting like 5 year olds. One was that this was not a liberal problem that it was a stupid pet owner problem and that I had no business laying this on liberals and that the pet owner did have a choice a KENNEL. Really?? So I am a pet owner, I have to go to the store for 10 minutes to buy some supplies. I cannot leave pup at home or chain him up so I have to take him to a Kennel, fill out paperwork, pay $80 and go to the store. Travel all the way back to the Kennel and pick pup up and go home. A simple 20 minute trip turns into an hour and a half menagerie and costs me $80 doing it the liberal idiot way. I don't fucking think so. Then another moron posts that they would bust out all the windows in the car and take the dog. Are you fucking serious? Its a God damned dog!! Its an animal not a human. If the owner is dumb enough, and at this point its still an assumption on the part of the feeble minded, to leave pup in a closed car with no climate control and they lose the pup then its their loss. The bleeding heart morons need to first and foremost mind their own fucking business. Second they need to get a fucking life and not start calling for people to commit crimes of assault and/or destruction of private property.

This is just one example of how these bleeding heart liberal ideas are always total failures and invariably lead to higher prices, more expense to us, invasion of our privacy, destruction of property, and total mental meltdowns. Recycling is another example. The liberal advocate morons get up and start with their crap about the environment and how we cannot burn trash without incurring billions of dollars in costs for scrubbers and the like. So we resort to landfills. Garbage is piled into smelly mountains that stink to high hell in the summer especially after a rain. I call that the smell of liberalism. So then the landfills get too full too fast. Everyone is suing and fighting because they don't want the new landfill in their back yard. To buy a new landfill and set it up according to the liberal EPA guidelines costs the governments money, our money. Then another liberal moron comes in and says our landfills are filling up too fast we need to ban certain items and mandate recycling. This idiocy is implemented and now you see trash that should be being picked up and taken to the landfill dumped along side the back roads. This is never cleaned up because the government is broke paying for social programs and landfills, and the snowball continues to gather more snow. A simple problem, complicated beyond imagination and all because of liberal idiocy. So yes, its IS a liberal problem. The question is how do we put a stop to it.