Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Courts Are A Fucking Joke

Well this has been brewing now for a few days with me, and today proof positive we find out without a doubt that our court system is a fucking pathetic joke. I am so fucking sick and tired of judges and courts laying down law from the bench I could scream. It would not be half bad if the rulings of law made sense, and followed the intent of the Constitution, but they do not, not in the least.

Today these commie jackasses on the Supreme Court of the US decided that a criminal bill that a majority of the states reject, and that a 3/4 majority of the people reject as un Constitutional was upheld as Constitutional by these jackasses. In short what they are saying to the people of the US is that their right to choose is trumped by any Congress mandate if they call it a tax. What a crock of fucking shit. I can tell you right now, if I find myself without healthcare, I will not buy it simply because this fucking law demands it. They can send in their Geatapo in to haul my ass away to a death camp and kill me. Fuck them and their law. As far as I am concerned any further rulings by any court in this country are invalid and a joke and will not be obeyed.

Another issue that has me pissed off is the subject of religion. I've about had enough of these cunt atheist, Muslim, and Jewish pricks who have the gall to impose their will on me because they claim to be offended. Fuck YOU!! This bullshit should have been nipped in the bud back in the 1960's. Sadly starting back in the 1960's with the atheist whore O'Hare our country saw a vicious attack on our Constitutional Rights to religious freedom as guaranteed by the first amendment. She convinced the courts that somehow when people working for the government or people who are in a government building start praying that they become Congress and they are making a law that establishes a national religion. Fucking amazing. I'd really like to know how that happens, it must be fucking magic. Since this reign of Constitutional stupidity reared its head, we have had thousands of rulings that follow that same precedent, thus violating the Constitutional Rights of millions of Americans. We also gained a communist based lawyers group, the ACLU, who are paid by our government each time they win a case that violates our religious rights. Isn't that just fucking great?

We clearly have several problems here. First is our courts over time have been padded with leftists and radicals. These need to go. Haul their fucking asses off and lock them up for crimes against the people of the US. Second we have this little thing people in the legal field like to do. They simply will not counter another jurists ruling. So what if the first jurist got it all wrong, we're all supposed to suffer with it until the end of time because no one has the damned balls to rule otherwise and admint a mistake was made by one of their own? That is just assnine. Third is the obvious lack of Constitutional knowledge by jurists. How can an honest American judge sit on a bench and say yes, by a state committee or a group of government employees, for example, praying while on the job they automatically become Congress and they are making a law establishing a national religion. Really?? You have to be a complete moron to first deduct that anyone other than Congress is Congress making a law just because they are on government property and exercising their religious rights under the first amendment, or that this is what the founding fathers meant when they drafted the document. They are telling us that the founding fathers wanted for them to have the ability to violate someones Religious Rights simply because someone was offended, and the excuse they use is that these people suddenly and magically become Congress making a law, fucking wow. What a crock of bullshit. What the founding fathers strived to do was write the laws in such a way as to not allow any one group or individual to have the ability to violate any others rights. That makes much more sense, and if these jackasses bothered to actually read up on the subject this would be abundantly clear. Maybe they do see it, but are caught up in this assnine code of ethics bullshit and simply refuse to over rule another judges decision when its blatantly wrong. Well if the other decision is wrong, over rule the fucking thing!!! Another problem is the abuse of the judicial system by radicals, special interest groups, and other liberal/progressive entities. As long as you have the money and power, the courts are yours to manipulate. Today's ruling on Obama Care is a prime example. There is no justification for today's ruling. The only logical explanation is the court was threatened by the Obama Administration and they capitulated. Progressives have been employing this tactic for a long time and its time for it to stop.

Dismantling of the court system is a viable option. When an old car fails to function as intended, we scrap it and get a new one. Close them all down, and haul off the justices who made decisions that violated the peoples rights. Create a closed system that can be overruled through a verifiable process. (This can actually happen now if Congress had any ball either.) Forbid access to them by any special interest group, wealthy entity, progressive etc., and forbid them from making law from the bench. The justices are to be elected and can be impeached at any time. Terms are 4 years maximum. Invalidate any and all rulings that violate the Constitution to date which would be any that make law or that violates the rights of the people. Their rulings are never allowed to make a law. That is the job of Congress, not the court.

For a start, the people, yes "We the people" of the United States need to revolt. They will cry contempt and send out the Gestapo police to crush your dissent. Fuck them, do not obey any ruling that violates your real rights, not the man made ones as put forth by the liberals and progressives. Protest and yell at the top of your lungs for change, and let them know your fucking fed up with their abuse and that change is coming. If we all band together, and pool our resources we can make this change happen, and restore our rights as they were intended by the founding fathers.