Monday, May 30, 2005

Thank You!!

Today is Veterans day, and I would like to send out a huge thank you to all of those good souls who risked their lives to fight for the nations causes. This goes especially for the families of those who made the ultimate sacrifice and died in the line of duty. Todays soldiers have a lot of advantages with the technologies that are out there, they are a lot better off than our bretheren who went to Europe or the Pacific during the world wars. But this makes them none less brave and determined to get out there and do whats is right, and kick ass. They have a lot of bravery, more than I probably would have had if I had been drafted.

In reflecting today, I was watching historical film footage of the second world war on both the European and Pacific fronts. Compared to today, the general public has changed a lot. We still have those brave souls who go over and fight for our causes, and thank God. But back then everyone was all but clamering at the chance to get into a uniform and go kill the enemie. Thats what war is all about, taking out the enemie. In stark contrast with today, these men and women went and did what they had to do to get to and eradicate the enemie. If they had to level an entire town thats what they did. We had none of this Liberal kinder gentler war bullcrap. We knew that innocent people would sometimes get killed. This is the price we all pay for freedom, and those innocent people and their families knew and accepted bravely the fact that they may die for the cause. This is not the case today. Today we have spineless Liberals and communist special interest groups sticking their noses into everything. They have managed to effectively hamstring the miltary in such a way that no matter how well they do, its never good enough. This is a disgrace and the American people should not stand for it.

Another big difference and the one that counts the most, is that what ever they did back then, it was supported beyond question. The media printed stories that promoted our men and women at war around the clock. People had pride, self respect, and a ton of patriotisim. They presented the fighting men and women in the best possible light. They treated them with respect, and dignity, and thats as it should be. But today, the media is ignorant, selfish, rude and inconsiderate to name a few adjectives. They belittel our military, and constantly harp and build up negative stories meant to promote their Liberal hatered. They on numerous occasions have been caught in bold lies, making up false stories to defame our country and the military. This activity is completely opposite to what we saw in the US during the world wars, and its down right disrespectful. This too has got to stop. This country has, all during its history, made the greatest sacrifices of any other country on the globe, to not only protect our own interests and borders, but those of other countries as well. Many hundreds of thousands of men and women have bravely given their lives fighting for the right thing. They deserve the highest amount of respect they can possibly be afforded, even if they make a mistake, or just do what they have to do no matter how brutal it may seem.

We need to not give a crap if its not popular with the spineless Liberals and communist special interest groups. Who the hell are they to undermine our military, and the country in general because they want to be a bunch of spinless sisseys? This is communisim at its best here people. These spinless Liberals and their ilk as I've said before are tearing this country apart from the inside. Little by little they are undermining our way of life and our ability to do what is right, and what is needed to do to defend ourselves. They are spineless, gutless and shameful. They just don't get it, the fact that people are going to die wheither we are at war and allowed to do what we need to do to eradicate the enemie, or if we are sitting here like passive sissies sucking our thumbs. They fail to realize that its best to have highly trained and equipped personnel doing our bidding and at the same time they are being killed, they are also taking out the enemie, hopefully in larger numbers. This to me is preferable to having 3000 truly innocent people killed by a bunch of jackals in a single day than we've lost in over a year in conflict overseas. But they are too narrow minded and stupid to see this benefit as the lesser of two evils. One evil must and will happen, and I'd choose the war one over the non-defensive sitting target one any day. I believe in an eye for an eye. If you are attacked, you attack back twice as hard. They hit us, we hit them twice. They kill our innocent people we obliterate them. We go into their towns and obliterate them and everyone in them if thats what it takes to take out the enemie. We simply do what we got to do, plain and simple. No spinlessness, no mercy. Its the only way. God bless those who serve, and those who have served.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Told Ya So!

Well, you cannot say I did not call this one. Right on cue the Liberals in the senate found a way around this joke of a filibuster 'deal' the suckered the Republicans into going along with. They were good for about two days and appointed 1 judge, then they started with their old tricks again when it came to the Bolton UN nomination. And Biden, our esteemed embarassement for a state senator and all around Liberal joke, has the gall to send a memo around saying to just not allow a vote on cloture. What an a-hole. Basically, its a damn filibuster because it denies the man an up or down vote. Its another stall tactic. I hope the American public is letting this sink in, and realizing what is really happening here. I'm ticked off that the Republicans allowed themselves to be duped by these liars, but they as always were trying to be fair and cooperative, and that was their mistake. The Democrats are again holding up progress by playing partisan games, and as usual, nothing good is getting done. They are wasting our time, money and resources with their sissy, assnine temper tantrum. I'm sick of their games and stalling, and I am sure that many level headed Americans are sick of their damn games as well. This is a big big hint to the American people, and in particular to the people of the state of Delaware, that they had better stop and engage their brains come next election time and stop voting these childish a-holes into office. We need to put people in office who have a level head, use common sense, and who know how to get the job done. Biden is a disgrace and should not be allowed to represent Delaware after his current term.

Other anal retentiveness in the news. The police and DA's offices around the country are again showing how anal retentive they are. As I've said before, they just cannot accept or admit that they made a mistake. First case in point. A father takes his daughter to an empty parking lot in Philly to teach her to drive a car. This is NO different than a drivers ED teacher doing the same. In an unfortunate accident, a young woman was killed when the girl lost control of the car and ran over the woman killing her. This is a tragic event, but it was a frigging accident. IE: Crap happens! When I took law in college, we learned that for there to be a crime in events such as this, that there had to be an intent to do harm. This was completely missing in this case. Yet this anal retentive she-man Philly DA, Lynn Abraham, who incidently used to model tool belts at Western Auto with Janet Reno, has the gall to actually charge the father and daughter with a crime. Why!!!! This was clearly a hands down case of an accident that happened. Her lame excuse was to say that in Philly they have a requirement that the student have a learners permit. The permit could not be obtained until the student passed a written rules of the road test and eye test. OK, this is all well and good, but how would this have prevented the accident from happening in the first place? It wouldn't. Without the experience of actually driving a car the student would have faced the same turn of events and the same outcome wheither she had a stinking permit or not. So the DA's argument and reasons are total bull, and they need to get over the fact that innocent mistakes do happen and not every damn incident that happens must have a scapegoat or someone to place blame onto. Also, those jackals in the public who come out and say she must pay, she did wrong, she should be made to suffer are shallow minded hypocrites. They need to go look in the mirror and ask themselves if they ever made an honest mistake. They need to ask themselves if when they made that honest mistake would they feel obliged to pay some penalty? I think their tune would change if the tables were turned.

The second incident goes back to this poor woman in Georgia who simply ran away from life for a few days. She was an adult and legally she had absolutely NO obligation to tell a soul where she was going or even that she was just going. The police departments, DA's offices, emergency personnel, and media went bezerk like a bunch of idiots, and started a huge manhunt and wasted a ton of time and money of their own accord. But now that this person ended up just fine, they are looking for a scapegoat to pin their stupidity onto. The only thing this woman did wrong was getting scared when she found out how much the country over reacted to her legal absence, and trying to make up a story to make herself look less bad, which she didn't need to do. No further resources were wasted, no further time was wasted because of a very short lived tale that was actually insitgated by the media who are the entity truly responsible for this entire mess. This fib happened in New Mexico, and wisely New Mexico waived their right to slap her wrist for telling a minor fib in their jurisdiction. But now we have this moron DA from Georgia who wants to attempt to save face for the police, emergency, and DA offices there who stupidly went overboard on an issue exasperated by the media, and he is charging the woman with a criminal offense. For what!?!? Exposing your stupidity? She broke NO laws in Georgia at all. If these idiots who went balistic spending time and money needlessly of their OWN accord want to make a scapegoat out of someone, they need to target the media. They are the ones who helped to blow this WAY out of proportion, not the woman who was an adult and had no legal responsibility to say dick before she took off. I hope Jennifer wins this one and shows them that innocent people should not be charged for exercising their legal right to take off, just because the officials made an ass of themselves.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

When In Paris...

Well, right now there are probably several hundred thousand men wishing they were "in" Paris. Paris Hilton that is. Personally, I've never found Paris all that attractive at all. She's not ugly or anything, but nowhere deserving of the hype she gets in my opinion. But then comes along this very hot Carl's/Hardee Burger commercial, and I will admit, in that spot I find Paris very hot indeed. Of course every time a great and creative commercial comes out we have, and here is another one of those catch words that warn us that Liberals are about to act, "watchdog" groups pissing, moaning, and using every sensationalization catchword adjective in the Liberals book of "How To Make A Big Frigging Deal Out Of Nothing". Basically theses so called watchdog groups are made up of societies losers who have no life, but a propensity for being control freaks. This ad is a great ad, its shows no nudity what so ever, yet for the adults who understand and enjoy a normal life, its quite entertaining. But not to these watchdog zealots, to them this is pornography, its an outrage, it does not belong on our airwaves (Pretty arrogant if you ask me.), its unacceptable.... and I have to whom? You? Mature and sensable people know suggestive behaviour is NOT pornography, and acting in a spicey manner is not an outrage. The only jerks being outraged here are those control freaks who have to have everything on the planet operate according to their shallow and narrow minded rules. WRONG! These watchdog groups need to get a life. They can start by getting mental help, and enrolling into classes that treat people with control freak addictions. If we as consumers continue to let these police state watchdog groups attempt to control everything we experince in day to day life, then we have no life. We succum to their will, and as they are attempting to do here, we'll have everything they deem inappropriate censored and banned from the airwaves. That is unacceptable. I agree, there are limits. Full nudity, hardcore gross sex acts, or outright murder or something of that nature on national TV is unacceptable. But to bitch and blow way out of proportion a commercial because it was racey and sexy is assnine and wrong. I want to point out one thing of huge interest with this issue that truly points out how Liberals work. If one reads the many copies of the different reports on this issue on Fox, ABC or Drudge etc, one watchdog group seems to be doing all of the complaining, the Parents Television Council. Who the hell appointed them TV police is what I'd like to know? But the Liberal pattern of modus-operandi is blatantly clear. Here are a few quote examples of how Liberals sensationalize nothing and spout their garbage:

"The Parents Television Council say the ad is much too hot for prime time."

"People ... are choosing to take their business elsewhere because they are so [disgusted] with this commercial," PTC's Melissa Caldwell said."

"This blatant sexually charged ad has no place on the public airwaves, and especially when children are in the audience. They need to be held responsible for marketing their raunchy, sexually graphic ad to millions of children via broadcast television and at the Carl's Jr./Hardees' web sites without any restrictions," the PTC said in a press release.

You can see the one sided pattern of a control freak clearly in all those quotes. It is, as is typical with Liberals, "All about them". Its their way or no way. In a truely free and democratic society this is nothing more than censorship by the Liberals who simply don't like what they see and hear. With that, I think I'll get a double at Carl's today for lunch, and be sure to run my toung between the meat as I eat. Yum!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

In All Fairness

In all fairness, I'm always ragging on Liberals and Democrats, which they deserve. But something happened yesterday that made me think. My wife became angry with me before she left for work, and I didn't get a goodbye kiss or a wave as she sped out of the driveway. Only two things could have caused this to happen. She was mad at me for not wanting to give our son back his PS2, which was taken away because he was "Failing to Turn In Assignments" in school, and who's latest midterm progress report still showed "Failing to Turn In Assignments" albeit in lesser numbers. Or, she didn't like my Liberal bashing answer to her question, whats up with this filibuster thing. One clue may have been her comment that I'm always cutting on Liberals and Democrats, but I never criticize Bush or the Republicans. This got me thinking, and this is what I came up with.

Yes, I am critical of Bush and the Republicans, I'm just a lot less verbal about it as the issues are not as critical as many of the Liberal creations. I've written many Blogs, and many of my points are contained therein. My main points I suppose would be that typically Liberals will do things that violate my rights in favor of some special interest or minority many times undeserving ones, they almost always hold up progress, they almost always cost me money needlessly, and they rarely make sense. On the other hand, there are issues that Bush and the Rebublicans promote or believe in that I just don't agree with or like at all. Yesterday, I wrote that I thought that this filibuster agreement was a bad idea. I think that the Republicans caved into the Liberals and allowed the door for abuse by Liberals and special interests to continue. The judiciary is a very critical area. Judges are appointed for life, its all but impossible to overturn a judgement, and all but impossible to get rid of bad eggs. So its very critical that people are appointed who have NO Liberal tendencies. Its the only way to guarantee that the law will, in a majority of cases, be interperated correctly and without Liberal bias. This is one of the key three areas that Liberals must control in order to get their plan of twisted ideals implemented. That is why they are abusing the system to avoid a vote. Thats why they are in an uproar. So I am not happy with this decision and can only hope they know what they are doing.

Another issue is the Stem Cell research issue. Human kind cannot move forward to improve on the human condition if we are stymied by such nonsense. I disagree with Bush when he says that these cells are a life. No, they are simply cells. They happen to come from humans, but thats the only correlation. To stand there with people who were once a cell in a dish basically, and now are whole humans and use them as an example to make a point that these cells are actually people is pretty poor. Another issue is abortions. I strongly believe in preserving life as much as possible. But I believe that if a woman wants to abort her child, then that is her decision to make, and the goverment needs to keep their noses out of it. If she ends up being wrong, she'll have to answer to a higher authority. If we are going to promote individual freedoms and allow people to have casual sex freely outside of marriage, then this is a logical part of that over all picture. This is an odd one in that for all intents and purposes it comes across with all of the Liberal traits. The unborn babys rights, the government interference thing, the cost to tax payers to support many of the children that may have been aborted, and now find themselves abandonded by the mother who was forced to keep them. Makes one think. Lets move on.

Another issue I have, and one that I wrote about, was the bankruptcy bill issue. The banks for decades have abuse the system and slanted all of the rules into their favor. Many of these rules go contrary to contractual law, yet they are allowed to continue. Then when the banks dig themselves into a hole, and people are bailing out on them hand over fist, then they force another law to further slant the rules into their favor instead of being made to address the real problem, which is their own way of doing business. I'm all in favor of being pro-business. When businesses do well they hire people. Those people spend their money and that stimulates the economy. That stimulation causes an increase in demand, and businesses hire more people to cover the demand. Its a positive, pro-active cycle. But to continue to cover a business who abuses the rules, and to place a law that violates the basic rights of an idividual, and take away their ability to start over is just wrong if the other side of the problem is not addressed at the same time.

I also strongly disagree with Bushs' desire to cut funding for Amtrak. I am very pro-railroad. I think they are the most efficient and cost effective means of transporting people and goods than man has ever devised. I think its a travesty that our great rail infastructure is being left to rot and decay, while airlines and trucking industries are subsidized with billions of taxpayer dollars. Trucks especially are the most dangerous, wasteful, inefficient means of moving anything, yet they pay little or nothing to ruin our highway infastructure and endanger our safety each day on the nations roadways. No, the rail system is the one entity that should be subsidized and promoted with zeal, and the trucking companies are the ones who should be cut off and made to pay for the use of our highways that they now use basically for free while they pollute our air.

Lastly. I think going to war was the right thing to do. To sit around and say lets forgive them, we'll let it go this time, is just what those jakals were hoping for. They saw the Democrats sit on their hands for decades while they grew, and festered, and killed. Then they made the big mistake, they attacked the US directly, and they should be exterminated for doing so. My beef is that the administration is trying to cater to the bleeding heart Liberals, their human rights and humanitarian whinings, and attempting to fight a kinder gentler war. We cannot do that. We need to go where we need to go, and do what we need to do and kick some ass. We need to stop worrying about entering a religious building to clear it out of murderers, and having some local jakal strike up an anti-American protest. Thats happening anyway. Go in there, and kick some ass. Go into where ever you got to go, bomb what ever you need to bomb, and get the job done, and stop dicking around with the touchey feely Liberal bullcrap. So there you have it. Those are the things that I don't like about Republicans and Bush. But you will note the differences between what and how Liberals do things, and how the Republicans and Bush do things. That the things that Republicans and Bush have done probably won't cost me money, for the most part won't violate my rights, and won't hold up progress, and thats the difference that appeals to me, even though none of them make sense.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Deals and Squeals

Boo Hiss! Frankly I'm a bit dissapointed today hearing that the Liberal Democrats have talked the Republican majority into a deal regarding the filibuster issue. The thing that bothers me is that unless this problem is permanently nipped in the bud, it will come back to haunt us again. This was made possible with the half hearted "deal" that was made as it only applies to this session of congress. The next congress that comes into session will not be bound by this agreement, and the whole mess starts over again. Republicans should have seen this coming, and if they were truely trying to stop the abuse, made sure it was in fact stopped, and for both sides of the aisle. This so called deal is a temporary fix, and the Republicans have effectively tied their hands or opened themselves up to being egged in the face. I would not trust the Liberal Democrats not to have some sort of scheme up their sleeves to get around this part that they agreed to, which was not to filibuster unless extreme circumstances prevailed. Well, knowing Liberals, everything they can conger up will be made into an extreme circumstance. This will force Republicans into using the nuclear option anyway, and therefore make them look like they reneged on the deal, when it was the Liberal Democrats who set them up with a crappy so called deal. Mark my words, they have something up their sleeves, and it won't be good.

On the squeeling side of the fence are these jackals out in California bitching about a monument to the different cultures of this country. Etched into the stone are quotes, sayings and thoughts from a wide variety of cultures, and this is as it should be. Then comes along a bunch of jobless jackals from Save The State with nothing better to do than read something into the words that is not there. They insist that the words are "racist" in nature and demand that they should be removed. Fortunately, both the artist and the local government are refusing to remove or make changes to the exhibit. This is as it should be. These no life Liberals always scream about their rights and how we have the right to speak freely in this country, but let someone say something that they can twist into some malagned meaning that they do not like and as I quote them, its: "I don't believe the First Amendment protects this type of speech. It's not freedom of expression, it's government-sanctioned sedition.". First of all, its obvious that these people are uneducated morons. Sedition is conduct or language inciting rebellion against the authority of a State. Why in hell would California sanction rebellion againts itself? It makes no sense, but then again, Liberals never do. You see, this is exactly how Liberals work. Its all about freedom of speech, individuals rights, no/less government intervention, until something is said or done that they don't like, then the tables are turned 180 degrees, and we hear the "exceptions" to their previously expressed rantings. Bottom line is that they are hypocrites, and uneducated hypocrites at that. They want everything to be as they see it, and any one or any thing that does not fall into lockstep with that idealology is denounced. Sound familiar? Think communisim, think dictatorships. I am dissapointed as this group thats doing the hypocracy thing seems to be a group with some good goals in mind, how they got caught up in this Liberal bullcrap is a mystery. None the less, they are wrong and I'm calling them out on it like it or not. It just goes to show that we really need to look closely at all organizations, even those who claim to be on the right or typically seem to try to promote the correct causes. But in this case, they have had the gall to demand that the inscriptions be removed by the 4th of July. I would not be suprised if these idiots pulled a PETA stunt, and defaced the monument. We shall see, if they do, they need to be brought to justice, and swiftly.

Monday, May 23, 2005

True Colors

It took me a little while to come up with the name for todays blog. Each time something appropriate came to mind it contained such words as bastards or something similar. What I am refering to are the inconsiderate, unappreciative imbeciles in the world who would have the gall to protest and/or criticize the USA after all we have done for humanity and Democracy around the globe for centuries. This country tries so very hard, and is always willing to sacrifice the lives of their own people to save these unappreicative jackal, and what do we get, "you don't belong here", "get out", "US is a country of murderers" etc. So why do Liberals insist on giving a damn about how the world see's the US? Its obvious we have no respect across many nations, so why should we continue to molly coddle these jackals, and worry about what they might think if we just did what we had to do and did it decisively like bombing the crap out of Syria or Iran?

Frankly, I'm getting sick and fed up tired of sending our money, supplies, and troops over into countries who don't like us, and who cannot show us one bit of courtesy for the effort. Lets stop wasting our time, money and lives on their worthless asses, and simply pull out and leave them fend for themselves. Let the likes of Saddam torture their asses, and rape their women. Leave the Vietnam government oppress their people. Let the Taliban destroy their country and rule with oppression. Then maybe pieces of human feces like Osama, and Al-Sadr, who should be shot on sight, will be happy as they can then be free to continue to train and promote anti-Americanisim and terror. Our strategy should change effective immediately. From now on, when we know a country is a danger to the US, we bomb them into dust and leave them pick up their own pieces. The actions last week by these so called peace loving Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan, who have the gall to protest against America are appalling. Yes, the America who saved their asses, or was it the America that screwed up their Islamic radical murder plans. I think the latter is obviously true. What we do in doing good is a great tool to exposing the true terrorists. The questions is, why don't we take these bastards out when they expose themselves?

Al-Sadr is a terrorist and anyone who associates with him is a terrorist, and they should all be hunted down like the animals they are, and killed no questions asked. Then we have these ungrateful losers over in Jerusalem insulting the first lady who is on a mission of peace and understanding. She was invited by the officials there to visit some holy sites including a Mosque. She was respectful, and courteous, yet radicals from both sides heckled the first lady. So let me understand this, Judisim and Islam are peace loving, careing, peaceful religions.... bullcrap. Everytime you open the paper these Muslims are pissing and moaning about "infidels" approaching or doing something regarding a Mosque. They are not allowed near them, or in them. So much for a free compasionate, loving religion. This is so much bullcrap. If a person wanted to enter a Mosque they should be allowed and able to do so freely. This bullcrap with getting all bent out of shape over someone visiting a Mosque is a crock, and exposes Islam for the hypocracy it is. A Mosque is a damn building, nothing more. Those jackals who were being disrespectful of the first lady should have had their skulls opened up with the but of a rifle until they showed a little damn respect. Its these same imoral jackals who demand we respect them and their murderous religion, yet they can turn around and disrespect us without cause? As I said, bullcrap. These jackals need to get a life and get over this Islam is wonderful crap. The same with the Jewish protestors. The US has been a staunch ally of Israel for decades, much to the extent that we have suffered the consequences in the world arena for supporting 'the jews', and these selfless morons have the gall to disrespect the first lady when she comes to visit. Absolutely unacceptable. Its high time the US stopped being a buddy buddy to countries around the globe and left them fend for themselves. Then we'd see who comes crawling back and screaming that the US doesn't care and we condone murder etc. Their hypocracy knows no bounds. Their true colors come out no matter what we do, so lets fend for ourselves for a change and screw the rest of them.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Excuse Me, But My Poo Don't Stink

Not too much going on today, but I heard about a story on something that happened the other day in Philadelphia, and it ticked me off, so here goes. The story is about a 35 year old man with cerebral palsy who has worked at a movie theatre for the last 13 years. The theatre after 9/11 had in place a policy, which is a great policy by the way, of having their ticket taker persons check any parcels being brought into the theatre. This is for the safety and security of all of the patrons in an effort to protect them from a terrorist jackal bringing in an explosive device, or for the purpose of theft, a recording device. This is a perfectly legal rule and has been enforced for years. The theatre is a private enterprise who has a right to set the rules for how the public conducts itself within public areas under its control. So along comes my least loved Racist, and in my opinion, the biggest crook to ever hit the streets of the city of Philadelphia, mayor John Street. He is carrying a parcel with him. The employee asked in a very polite manner to please check the mayors parcel. He was met with a tort, no you will not. Oh, so mayor street's poo does not stink? He is somehow better than anyone else going into this theatre carrying a parcel? I think not. This racist pig is subject to the same damn rules as everyone else, period. Again, its a black thing where the black man cannot stand to be told what to do, or be asked to follow anyones rules except those he chooses to. Then during the encounter, some imbecil cop who was with the mayor sticks his nose into the affair and starts interjecting his opinion, and saying that this is the mayor, he doesn't need to have his parcel inspected. Oh really? I don't think so Mr. butt licking cronie cop. They mayor gets his parcel inspected just like everyone else or he is escourted out of the damn building, period. The ticket taker was doing his job, and did it perfectly. It makes no matter wheither he has cerebral palsy or not, and it makes no difference wheither he recognized the mayor or not. He does not need to make any excuses. He was in an unbiased and unracist way applying the rules his employer set for all patrons entering the theatre. Then, this racist has the gall to have his cronie lawyer call the theatre management the next day and demand an explanation of the policy. Are they thick in the head, or are they looking for an excuse to stir the racial pot. I'll place my bets on the stirring of the racial pot because thats exactly the way Street works. They came right out with the violation of civil rights bullcrap line. Street is nothing but a trouble making racist criminal, and its absolutely amazing that he even made it past the primaries in the maorial race years ago. But this again confirms my point that black people are stupid, and would vote for some criminal racist just because he is black, instead of thinking of how much of an embarrassment it would be to even give this pig one ounce of recognition. The mayor was wrong, his cronie butt licking cop pal was wrong, his racists insinuations were wrong, his cronie racist lawyers are wrong, and his poo DOES indeed STINK. Screw you mayor Street, your a skid mark on the shorts of life and a total embarrasement. You should publically apologize to that theatre, its employees and management, the people of Philadelphia and surrounding areas, and then promptly resign.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Waaa Waaa Waaa I Want It Now.....

Today we talk again about another black man wanting preferential treatment just because he is black. Marc Thomas CEO of a subdivision of GE sued the company today claiming that the company discriminates against blacks. Is anyone else getting sick and tired of this same worn out bullcrap excuse?? I know I am, and I'll tell you what, if your black, your making it harder on yourself with the crybaby unsubstantiated racisim bullcrap, OK. With Mr Thomas, its the same old story, he's not paid enough, he's not promoted fast enough, and its all because he is black. Bull! What Mr. Thomas wants is to have GE push him past other workers with seniority over him, and give him preferential compensation treatment because he is black. Bottom line is that Mr Thomas has only been with the company for 4 years and has already been promoted to CEO. I fail to see a problem with that outside of the fact that he moved up way too damn fast for being a Noob, and junior employee seniority wise. What about all the other qualified employees who have been busting their asses at GE for 10, 15, 20 years or more and have not gotten a promotion or killer raise? They may be getting better pay, but they've EARNED it by right of seniority. We don't hear them complaining they were not promoted because they were white, hispanic, indian, or other, and GE had to cater to your blackness. Ya see Mr Thomas, in this country we EARN our way with hard work, and no expectations, especially racial preference expectations. Just because your black holds no weight, and if they are not being discriminatory which is how I see this issue, that is the correct way to conduct business. If GE were to promote you, and give you better raises "because your black" would be to discriminate based on race. So get off your racist horse, and get over the fact that you just might have to work hard and long to actually EARN what you are seeking, and stop with the po bleeding heart negro being passed over caus'in his skin is black crap. Grow up!

Today we also have one of my favorite articles, a The Sky IS Falling article. These are articles where the story tellers run around, probably naked, waving their hands in the air and screaming of impending doom. Lordy them Liberals are funny as all get go. The article actually was a headliner and it read, base closing would be devastating to NCCo economy. You have to like the choice of the word devastating. It brings to mind my days in Florida after hurricane Andrew. I can see it now, buildings leveled, homes ripped from their foundations, blight and poverty abound, people sleeping in the streets. Paleeeese! These jackasses know nothing about devastation. Anyway, in reading the article, I found that as is typical with Liberalized rantings that their issues are non-issues. There is no big deal here. The closeing affects a very small national guard air unit. Its not a major serious base closing like they closed Patterson or something and 8,000+ personnel were being transfered out. We're talking about 6 to 8 planes, and a few hundred people. There being transfered is not going to mean the collapse of the entire countys economy. So as is typical, we have this The Sky Is Falling sensationalization of a non-event. I see many problems with the story. They talk with a local pizzaria, and the manager in there shows them his plaque with some photos of guardsmen in an attempt to get us into a sympathetic mode I suppose. The reporter goes on to tell us about the three servicemen who are in there and they ordered a pizza. It was noted by the manager that they get some good business at lunch time too. So what we are to believe is that the entire county's economic structure will fail if a pizzaria loses a few dozen pizza and sub sales??? Somehow I doubt very seriously that that would be the case. If the pizzaria is doing so poorly that the loss of a few pizza sales would take them under, then they have other problems they need to address. This is the same for other local businesses. They show a guarsdman filling his tank with gas as if to imply that if the station is closed that we'll have several filling station failures. Bullcrap! The sucker punch was the local fire companies. They start with the fear tactics, and start with their safety sales pitch and how they hope that the guard unit is not closed down just in case there is a fire emergency on the airport property. They claim they need them (the guard unit) to cover that situation. For what?? So you guys can sleep in, or send firetrucks and crews out along with the ambulance on a skinned knee call so they can waste their time? Please, get over yourself. You do not need any minescule fire unit sitting in the airport to cover your asses "just in case". The countys economy is not going to fail because a small facility at the airport is going to be closed down. Enough with the scare tactics and lame attempts at pity. If small businesses in the area cannot withstand a minescule drop in sales, then they already had a financial problem to begin with and should close down. Closing these bases are a great idea. They will save the country billions of dollars that are wasted to support and maintain small meaningless offices. They should be closed, so stop with the crying and whining.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Responsible Journalisim and Communisim

The news the last day and a half has been in regards to this false news story by Newsweek about the Quran. Personally, I'm more sick and tired of saving Islamic asses only to have the ungrateful pigs go protesting over a worthless book. The interogators have every right to do what they need to do to extract the information that they need to save American lives. If that means wiping their butts with pages from the Quran and burning them or flushing them after peeing on them, then thats what happens, and the Islamic radical jackals will just need to calm their asses down and get over it. Try being a little appreciative for a change instead of acting like third world animals.

With that aside, this whole screwed up mess would not have happened if the news media was not hell bent on reporting anything and everything negative about the war on terror. Talk about communists, these unappreciative imbeciles would sell out their country, and run it through the international mud just to sell a few of their cheap worthless papers. Or maybe there are other hidden agendas besides a good bottom line? This is a huge wake up call for the American people who still hold the old American values to heart, and care about this great country. The communists could not defeat us in a physical war. They had taken over some huge and powerful countries like Russia and China, and they still could not get the upper hand. But these criminals are not stupid, oh contrary, they are very cunning. After repeated defeats on several fronts such as the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the fall of the USSR out of communisim, new ideas were brought to the table. Ideas as to how they could eliminate this country as an obstruction to their goals, or better yet, succeed in making it fall altogether. They figured out that they could, over a long period of time, and with patience, take over this country from within. They figured that if they infiltrated very quietly and subtly over a period of decades, several major entities in this country, that they could steer its direction from one of prosperity and forward growth, to one of stagnation, internal conflict, and social decay leading to its possible collapse or total take over. It reminds me of that movie Independence Day, where the aliens used our own satellites against us. That is what is happening here, they are using our legal system, positions of high office, and our constitution against us. They knew that if they effectively hijacked the judiciary, positions in higher office, and the press, that they could successfully control the secret invasion, and make is all appear to be ligit. They used small pockets of dissent in the country during and after the Vietnam war, to plant the seed of their plan, and have steadily progressed to this day. They started with the anti-war effort and the civil rights movement as their tools, and moved forward from there. Small steps at first, then bigger and bigger steps as they gained more inroads and momentum. Today we have large communist entities that wield huge power such as the ACLU, thousands of special interest groups, and they have successfully taken over certain states such as California and Mass that have the largest base of gullable followers for their twisted cause. They have succeeded in infiltrating political offices and corrupted same. They have successfully infiltrated the judiciary, and made a laughing stock of our legal system as they turned it around and used it against us, our morals, and our American ideals. They have successfully infiltrated the press so they can not only get positive coverage for their evil deeds, but at the same time fester dissent for what is right and just, and those who would attempt to do the right thing for the country. We see this communisim at work every day. All we ever hear is negativity towards everything good in this country, we hear negativity about people who wish to do what is right for the US. We witness trumped up and/or hyocritical character assasinations used as a power tool to remove people they see as a danger without having to deal with due process, or proof, or any of the justifications that should be afforded a person. They constantly continue to portray the country in the most negative light possible, and even to the point of creating blatantly false stories such as the CBS George Bush papers lie, and the Quran story lie. They do this to deliberatlely cause internal dissent, and to cause this country to look bad in the eyes of the world, and the over all goal is to isolate us from any allies who might help us in the final days. They have no guilt, no class, no conscious, and no morals. Their only goal is to bring this country down at all costs while hiding behind the constitution, and they are succeeding. Newsweek, and any other media outlet who participates in such acts should be shut down as communist operations in the name of National Security. To have them exist and print such garbage and un-truths is un-American, reaks of communisim, and is a pathetic disgrace. Frankly I am sick and tired of them and their bullcrap.

I do everything I can to expose these criminals, and give them a hard time, and make sure they know that we know what they are up to, and that it will not be tollerated. It is not easy. We as the people of this country who really care and wish to uphold what is right both legally, and morally, have an obligation to speak up and do something to stop this cancer from spreading. If we do not act, they will win, and our great country will cease to exist as the great entity that it used to be and can be again. Taking back our press and ensuring that there is accurate and fair reporting, and demanding responsible journalisim is the first step, and we must demand that as our first step. We must not stop there. We've already awakened to an extent, and wisely elected more conservative people to office. Aside from the moles in that group, we at least have a hope of getting some needed changes made. Why do you think the Democrats fought so hard not to lose control? It interrupts their agenda thats why, and in the mean time we are taking some steps back to where we should be, and they cannot stand that. The hardest entity to take back is the judiciary. As the Liberals love to use as a tool to intimidate the gullable, these judges are appointed for life. Its almost impossible to get rid of them once they are in position. Of course, again, why do you think they are abusing the filibuster and screaming bloody murder. The conservatives have discovered their plan and want to put a stop to it, and install some fairness to the process and the nominations again. Its no wonder the Liberals are in an uproar, their biggest and most powerful tool, the judiciary, is being taken away. If that happens they lose a major tool in their secret war, their whole plan takes a huge step backwards, and thats why the Republicans and conservatives must do everything they can to ensure that the system is not hijacked and abused by the Liberals. We as citizens must do all we can to help them achieve that goal.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Now Here's A Liberal For You

I have to write about this inane article that appeared in the Saturday News Urinal. One of their staff Liberal "Opinion" writers, Bill Press, attempted to open his pie hole and succeeded in making an ass out of himself. Bill Press is one of the biggest Liberal jackals the News Urinal has. I told this to my wife a week or so ago when she told me she thought his rant about the first lady was a good article. I read that opinion, and felt that although Press attempted to throw the reader off with an opening story about the wonderful Mrs Bush, he in the end just set her up for a typical disrespectful and uncalled for Liberal bashing. On Saturday he attempts to address the filibuster issue. I say attempts because all he does is rant on about how evil the Republicans are and how they are all but criminal in their attempts to stop the legal and constitutionally allowed use of the filibuster. He twists and spins lie after lie, and of course completely avoids the truth because he knows that it would destroy an otherwise healthy Liberal bullcrap story.

First he goes into the its unAmerican rant, then attempts to paint the people as innocent dolts who's afliction for following the rules is being violated by those evil Republicans. Then he goes on in a vain attempt to justify this crap shoot by calling Replublicans liars, unfair, wrong, short sighted, and sore losers. For the third course he attempts to make it look like this fillibuster is nothing new. In and of itself, its not new, it has been around for years, its just never abused by Liberal Democarats in such a way as it is today. His closing paragraphs are a laughing stock. First he comes up with these alleged rules that we Americans sopposedly live by, and he tosses this one out as his second attempt at this twist. He says that Americans live by the rule that if its not broke don't fix it. Finally in closing, he has the balls to actually accuse the Republicans yet again of trying to change the rules, and states that this matter is no different than what the Republicans did during the 2000 Election in Florida, and with Terri Schiavo.

I've seen and heard some pathetic Liberal rantings before, but this one ranks up there with the best. Ok you Liberal jerk, now its time for the truth. First of all, your Liberal regurgitation of the 2000 Florida Vote is pathetic, but your use of Terri's fate and subsequent death crosses the line of decency. First off, the vote was declared legal by the courts and for your information, in fact, it was Al Gore who kept pushing the matter in the courts in an attempt to force a false win in Florida. Second, your statement about the Schiavo matter is grossly incorrect. The Republicans did not sponsor the bill or do anything in regards to the bill that was passed on their own. It was IN FACT a bi-Partisam effort, which means your beloved Liberal Democrats were equally involved. You have, as usual, no proof to support your bogus claim, I however do have proof to support my claim. From the CNN.Com web site: WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Members of Congress said Saturday that they have agreed on a compromise, bipartisan bill aimed at saving the life of Terri Schiavo, the brain-damaged woman whose feeding tube was disconnected Friday by order of a Florida court. (Italics and bold my emphasis added.) This is from a typically Liberal news outlet.

Now lets address the Americans play by the rules comment. First of all, there are plenty of American who feel that the rules do not apply to them. Just look at how people act on the highways and check out the no parking zones in shopping centers. To sit there and have the gall to say that Republicans do not want to follow the rules is assnine. They, if anything, are trying to enforce the rules. Why would they need to do that, because Liberals and Democrats keep breaking them!! Judicial nominees deserve an up or down vote. To fillibuster any nominee in an attemopt to disrupt the natural and legal course to that vote happening, and without good reason, and on a repeated basis like the Liberals and Democrats insist on repeatedly doing, is the wrong here. The Repbulicans are only attempting to close a loop hole opened by the Democrats, and abused by the Democrats that as usual stymie progress. There is nothing short sighted about wanting due process to prevail Press, and thats what the Republicans are trying to do, ensure that due process prevails, not Liberal game playing.

Now lets address this lame example about how and when fillibusters were used, and by whom. Fillibisters have been around for a long time, they are a part of congrsssional and senate proceedings. They do have a place and should be used in extreme circumstances. The Liberals keep pointing to the 1968 Abe Fortas nomination by then president Johnson, a Democrat. The real point here is that, that was ONE instance back in 1968. What we have now is Liberal Democrats abusing the filibuster and using it 10 times in a very short span of time! Hypocracy! Also, in typical Liberal fashion, Press tries to bolster his lies with shallow and unsubstantiated facts by attempting to argue about the "every nominee should be entitled to a vote" argument, stating that more than 60 Clinton nonimees never made it to a vote and now the Republicans are trying to argue that every nominee should and must be put to a vote. Whats important there is that Press gives absolutely NO details on these alleged 60 nominees. What were their names, who were they, what happened that caused them not to get a vote. Note, he never comes out and states that they never got a vote because of a filibuster. No, that would blow his attempt at sensationalizing a non-relevant point into a believeable argument. In fact, many Clinton appointees never made it to a vote because they're names were removed from the list of nominees, they withdrew, or they never made it past the Judiciary Committee, NOT because the Republicans filibustered. So lets get our facts on the table Press before we open our big liar mouth.

Now we'll move on to the next idiotic statement in which Press goes after Frist who claims that controlling the filibuster would be fair, which it would be. Frist wants everyone to know that the filibuster for appointing judges needs to be controlled to stop abuse by the Democrats, and that other issues should remain as they are in regards to filibustering. Press makes another lame argument that appointing judges is the most critical and important thing that the Senate does, and that nominees should demand the most scrutiny. No one is arguing that fact. These are critical appointments, and that is exactly why Republicans are trying to remove the opportinuty for game playing with the process by Democrats. The way Press describes it if there is no filibuster then all hell will break loose and judicial nominees will be approved by a simple rubber stamp. Wrong! The nominees will still be thoroughtly screened by the Judiciary Committee, and the Senate before a VOTE would take place. Currently, if the Democrats continue to play their games with the filibuster, then due process is not afforded each nominee, and they would affectively be rubber stamped out of the running, which is more wrong.

So we actually have the Democrats and Liberals calling the kettle black in an attempt to make one of their meaningless and incorrect points. Lastly, we'll address this quote that if its not broken don't fix it. Well, I'm sure that is said in typical Liberal fashion where the speaker has no clue as to what the facts are. In fact, the system is technically not broken, but its being abused, so it may as well be broken. So yes, something needs to be done to fix the system that the Democrats have broken by their abuse of it. So get off your high horse Press, and stop writing this Liberal bullcrap and get a real job.

Friday, May 13, 2005

A Racist and An Idiot

I'll start with the idiot. Joe Biden is an idiot. Yesterday he went on a rant like some insane person regarding the appointment of Mr. Bolton to the UN position. If the people of Delaware do not see this ass for the danger that he is, they have a serious, serious problem. The veins popping out of his head, the anger in his voice, and the ranting were scary. Biden needs to resign.

Now lets get to the racist. This type of letter should not even be printed as its inflamatory and one sided, but thats why this Blog is here to straighten the Liberally slanted stories the News Urinal prints. There was a black fireman from Elsmere who tells this bleeding heart story about how he is such a good hard working man, who's fire department has good comradery with the police department, or so that should be the case. It goes on to tell a story that portrays him as an innocent man just minding his own business, obeying the speed limit, trying to get home from a long hard day at the firehouse. Suddenly for no reason, so the story goes, this police officer who was sitting on a side street allegedly goes out of his way to get out onto the highway and catch up to this good samaritan, and allegedly run his tag, and then gave him a dirty look. The writer concludes that this is blatant racisim, and the only thing he was doing wrong was driving black is his claim. What a bunch of bull. Here we go again with the poor little Negro being picked on because he's black story. First of all here are the holes in this story. The writer admints that as he is driving along he is looking down each side street. To me this is suspicious activity in an area known for less than stellar crime rates. The officer had every right to check this suspicious activity out and did so. The second hole is the unsubstantiated statement that the officer ran his tags. There is no way to tell if this took place at all. So this statement is purely intended to be inflamatory. Then the dirty look comment is completely subjective. The "black" man already had a chip on his shoulder, yes the black one, and any look the officer gave him when he passed by would be considered to be black biased, so this point is also bull, and therefore moot. This is a prime example that backs up what I wrote about in an earlier Blog. Black people need to get over this problem with respecting authorities and obeying rules. They need to get off this I'm black so therefore I'm always a target of racisim bullcrap. You acted suspiciously, you got checked out, get over it and stop acting like a "RACIST".

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Liberalisim As A Means To Stop Progress

I actually wrote this blog yesterday, but when I attempted to post it, the servers were down and I lost everything. So I am re-writing it today along with a few more articles. Today is expose the Liberals and their plans that never work. Hint: That would be all of them.... Liberals are constantly coming up with touchy feely do good ideas that sound so nice and warm and considerate and helpful. In reality, all these ideas do is stymie progress, and cost the public money and in many cases violate their rights. One case in point is the fact that in this good state, Delaware, they successfully had put on the books a law forbidding the incineration of trash and other waste. There tired old unfounded argument was that burning leads to the release of soot and toxins into the air. So this is their goody two shoes feel good Liberal excuse for holding up progress in solving the waste disposal crisis in the state. Simply put, more scare tactics were used to dupe the public and legislature into putting a law into place thats wrong and obstructive.

There was an article in the News Urinal where the chief of the solid waste authority claimed that incineration was the answer to the states solid waste problems. He also stated that by incinerating waste, we could reduce the need for landfill space by 70%. He was correct on both counts. Of course the Liberals are in an uproar instantly pointing to their almighty wasteful law prohibiting incineration of waste because its would cause "soot". Are all these idiots blind to everything thats happening in the world. Do they only see a narrow view consisting only what they want to see? It appears so. Landfills are a hazard and a waste of resources and cash. They must be permanently maintained, they smell, they leak, they are a poor solution to a serious problem. If you don't believe me take a ride on a hot summer day after a hard rain up I-495 and breath deeply. When the stench burns your nose and brings tears to your eyes, you know you've experienced the smell of Liberalisim. Its lowered property values in the area, and lowered the quality of life for anyone living within miles of the thing. No one wants one in their area, and who can blame them. Maybe we should go to the Liberals developments and put one in their back yard and see how "tollerant" they are to use one of their key words.

Liberals also started tossing around their solution, recycling. Recycling is not a bad idea. The biggest problem is getting the snotty people of Delaware to actually recycle, and participate in the program. Keeping piles of old newspapers and bins of dirty nasty cans and bottles in their garage is taboo. The Liberals answer to this is again wrong. They want to ram it down our throats by making yet another goody touchey feely law that mandates recycling, then they also want us to pay for the service. My God, where do they come from? Are all of their brains dead? You don't mandate a 'voluntary' program then charge the people your shoving this down their throats to pay you to do it. A better idea would be to leave the program voluntary, but give the people an incentive to particiapte, maybe by giving a credit to their trash bill for the value of recyclables collected??? Naaaaw... that makes too much damn sense!

The chief of the solid waste authority had the right ideas. First, do a recycling plan, this is a good thing if done correctly. Second, and more of an impact, build the incinerators and burn the solid wastes, use the energy that is created to produce a sellable byproduct such as electricity, which is used to pay for the whole operation. The whole recycling and incineration operation could be self sufficient and pay for itself if the idiots did this right. What about the "soot". As I said, if they did this right, this would be no problem. Build the incinerators with stack scrubbers that clean any emissions to acceptable levels. Problem solved. So again the Liberals and their bullcrap are holding up progress in resolving a important issues. Even the News Urinal today printed an editorial in support of the incinerator idea. It is the right idea and the obstructions the Liberals have somehow gotten into place must be removed, and we should then move forward and do what needs to be done.

More Liberal obstructionisim. Today they had yet another article on the Liquified Natural Gas terminals that are so desperately needed by this country. Again the Liberal obstructionists are at their old game of scare tactics. Today they are using the terrorists threat cry. They are now claiming that besided immenent unreversable damage to the eco-systems, that these terminals would be an easy and open target for terrorists. They would be susceptable to attack by air, sea, and land. NO!! Imagine that, only LNG terminals are able to be attacked by terrorists and on multiple fronts. Wow, so I guess any and all office buildings, refineries, chemical plants, nuclear facilities, hazardous materials operations are all now exempt from attack by terrorists via air, land or sea. I feel much better now knowing that all of those other operations are safe and mass destruction and death cannot occur unless we build a LNG terminal nearby. What a bunch of scare tactic bull. So they actually think that we are going to believe that these terminals are any more or any less vulnerable to terrorists attack than any other favored target? If they do they are truly as stupid as they sound. The LNG terminals are needed and they should be built. Delaware should not hold a monopoly on who and what can use or build in the Delaware river. They need to stop obstructing commerice in this country, get a life, a real job, and stop with the Liberal scare tactics crap.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

They Also Need An English Comprehension Lesson

Back on April 25 I wrote a Blog about the Bill of Rights. In that Blog I basically pointed out that nowhere in the Bill of Rights does it explicitly state that the purpose of the Constitution or the Bill of Rights is to protect the minority from the majority. This is a true statement. They were created to protect each individual from the Government, and protect their God given rights as individuals. This partular Blog was published, suprisingly, in the local paper. Today there was a lone Liberal who just had to interject their unsubstantiated babble in an attempt to prove me wrong. The first thing out of their mouth was that I needed to do my homework, well I already had done my homework, so they are starting off on the wrong foot. They then proceed to rant on about James Madison, and a few other founding fathers and the Federalist Papers. They make a point to tell us that many of these articles were in fact incorporated into the Bill of Rights. What is interesting first off is that they never give any references as to where in the Federalist Papers the alleged statement that "the minority must be protected from the majority" is located, and what else was said in clarification of that statement. So some research was in order.

See, I got stuck doing homework anyway, but it was their homework I ended up doing. Anway, the founding fathers were big thinkers. They knew all too well what had happened in England, and other countries where they had opressive governments. They wanted to ensure that this country was different. They realized that every country must have a government, and it must have certain powers. What they wanted was to have that Governement with all of its powers, yet they also wanted to empower the citizens and ensure that they were always in control of the Government, not the other way around. The Federalist Papers were their ideas for the perfect republic. They were not laws or rules, but their ideas on how this new form of government should be assembled. They discussed many important subjects such as the Milita, Taxation, Religion etc. Most importantly, they wrote about individuals rights. They knew that typically Governments were run by the rich and powerful. These rich and powerful, and their friends, made up a good percentage of the populous at the time, and they knew their numbers would continue to grow. They looked for a way to prevent the smaller groups of citizens from always being trumped by the larger groups. Hence this Majority vs Minority issue that the Liberals love to toss out and abuse in order to get their way.

The founding fathers knew one more thing. When they had formulated the final plan, it had to do two things in unison. It did have to give the minority an equal means of due process in all areas of Government, politics, and lawmaking etc. However, and this is the part the Liberals conveniently miss, this must be done in such a way as to not violate the rights of the majority and vs a vs. In laymans terms, the rights of the person who is a part of a minority group on a matter, should be upheld as much as possible, but not to the violation of the rights of the person who is a part of the majority group and vs a vs. So, what they came up with was a set of rules that kept the Government in check as I originally wrote about, and this included making sure than both the majority AND the minority are both protected equally as to their individual rights.

In applying this theory to the issue of a Jewish family objecting to others of other faiths saying prayers at a public school function, the Government is forbidden to tell the Jewish family they MUST join in, and its equally forbidden to tell the other faiths they MUST stop. This also means that this Jewish family cannot use their individual rights as a part of a smaller group to violate via the Government, courts, or laws, the individual rights of the people of the other faiths, and vs a vs. That way no ones right are violated by the Government, and neither the majority or minority consensus trumps the other. As I've said so many times before, the Jewish families have every right to pray in their own faiths words, walk away from the situation, ignore whats happening and not participate, what ever, just the same as the other persons of other faiths have a right to say their prayer in their faiths language, or even they can choose to not participate if they so wish, that is their right. They do NOT have the right to violate the rights of the people of other faiths simply because they happen to be a part of a smaller group just the same as the people of the other faiths have no right to violate the rights of the Jewish family simply because they are part of an alleged larger group. Its a two way street where neither sides rights can be violated by the solution, and it must remain that way. Its a very simple principle thats become corrupted by the Liberal left and anti-religious zealots, NOT the religious right. The founding fathers were brilliant in their putting together our Government. Lets not corrupt that work.

Monday, May 09, 2005

They Create Their Own Troubles

I would rather not pick on a demographic group more than once in a row, but sometimes things just work out thay way. The other day I was bitching about how ignorant people park in the fire lane, and the way it worked out the two examples were with black people. I just want readers to know that I have nothing against black people as people. In fact four of my five neighbors are black and I get along with all of them quite well, and could not ask for nicer people to be next door. I also have black friends as well. So just because I blast a demographic group, does not mean I am prejudiced or racist. I firmly believe that if any person does something wrong, they should be called out on it, irrgardless of wheith they are black, white, yellow or any other 'color'. This is especially true if a black is acting.... well... black.

With that aside, I'm going to pick on blacks again today. My beef is this habit they have of pushing the racisim envelope. In Saturdays paper there was an inflamatory article about racisim in health care. There was a Dr Primm who was black who was making insane statements about how blacks and other minorities do not have access to health care services on the same level as whites. She uses as some sort of proof a report showing that more blacks die of medical conditions than do whites. What a bunch of bullcrap. We ALL die of some medical condition. This has nothing to do with racisim what so ever, and prominent blacks such as her need to stop using race as a spring board to keep the racial tensions going so they can somehow justify getting more services for blacks from the bleeding heart Liberals as opposed to other demographic groups.

All of this unsubstantiated bullcrap does is actually create an imbalance slanted in favor of blacks where no imbalance existed prior to them opening their racist mouths. Not only does Dr Primm do this, but high profile racists such as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrikahn(sp), and others. They make a living off of keeping the racial pot stirred up. Its their life blood. Why blacks do not see that these racists are only making twice as difficult to move froward and past the old era of racisim is a good question. But people of color will stick together even in the presence of overwhelming evidence that supporting such racists is the worse thing they could do. They need to be empowered to think for themselves and make the decisions based on real facts and not be hymies to the racial pot stirrers. Blacks today have unlimited access to medical care for a wide range of problems including ones unique to their demographic group. They are dying in larger numbers for obvious reasons that blacks do not want to admit exist. They live much less favorable lifestyles. They eat less healthy foods, they drink more, they do drugs more, and they live much more stressful lives, part of which is caused by their worrying about being accepted, not discriminated against, and constantly being angry over conditions that do not exist. They need to relax and have an open mind instead of falling for the hype and negativeisim that is preached to them by these "activists". They need to look in the mirror and be honest with themselves about their lifestyle and their attitudes. More importantly, they need to stop listenting to the racial bullcrap being preached by social icons in their demographic group such as Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson etc.

They need to understand that they today have every opportunity to get a full education, access to health care, access to assistance etc just the same as and at the same level than hispanics and whites. The more they keep playing the race card for every little thing, the more they continue to force their lifestyle on eveyone else, the more they rebel, the more they abuse the system, the more the disobey the rules, then the more they are resented by society as a whole. THAT will cause any forward progress to be lost and must stop. So far blacks are not willing to do this, and the biggest proof I have to back that statement up is asking readers to look at Bill Cosby. I've always thought Mr Cosby was a funny guy, and usually made a lot of sense. I have had mixed feelings about Mt Cosby because of some people I know who have had business dealings with Mr Cosby said he tried to insert racial favoritisim into the dealings. But recently Mr Cosby has spoken out to black people and said basically the same thing I am trying to get across here. Stop with the attitudes, stop with the arrogance, get back to good basic family values. But Mr Cosby was cruicified by the same black racists for speaking out and saying what needed to be said. So it proves that blacks are in denyal and they will continue to abuse race as a tool as long as they are allowed to do so, and as long as they get something out of it like preferential treatment and handouts. Blacks get all outraged and indignent when they are told that they are wrong, or when the rules of society are imposed. They attempt to use racisim as a get out of jail free card for just about everything. People are tired of this crap. But, until this stops, the situation will only get worse, not better. Just remember the tale about the little boy who cried wolf too many times.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Its All About Them....

I missed writing yesterday due to a screwey schedule, and basically nothing happening that prompted me to sign in and do a blog. Today, isn't much different, but something has happened for years that really tickes me off, and it happened twice in the last week in a manner that just justifies me sounding off on it.
What I am sounding off on today is these ignornat, selfish, inconsiderate jerks who carelessly pull up to the front of a store, office or other building, park in the fire lane or handicapped drop off lane, and go in and do their business. Last weekend I was running my errands which I do early on Saturdays, to avoid the daily morons and imbeciles on the road. I had to make a special run to a store we only go to, to purchase a special mix for making hot wings. Its the only store in the area that carries it, and its not too far out of the way, but not on the usual route. So I stop in and purchase 5 boxes of the stuff no problem. To get going back in the direction I needed to go on the main highway, I was required to travel across the parking lot, which was almost completely empty by the way, and access a traffic light there. In front of me was an Expedition with a black man and his young son inside. After ignoring the stop sign and almost hitting someone, they promptly pulled up right in the fire lane in front of a card and novelty store and got out. What an ignorant ass. There was plenty of parking and a free legal space not 20 feet away. But no, this was all about HIM. Big black man isn't going to follow no rules. No one tells him what to do. Well I did, I promptly lowered my window and told the ignorant pig to park in a regular spot like everyone else, in those exact words starting with ignorant.... Of course as expected, he was arrogant and said something vile. I hope he is in the building when it burns and they cannot get the pumper in to save his sorry black ass because his piece of crap Expedition is blocking the access lane. Yesterday evening was another incident that stood out and really ticked me off. As I mentioned, I had a busy day. On my late arrival home I had to take my son to his Orthodontics appointment which we were late leaving for, and traffic was horrible. We got there only a few minutes late, and he is usually only in there for about 5 to 10 minutes for an adjustment to his braces. I dropped him off at the patient drop off lane, and went to park in the lot which had plenty of open spaces. In fact I was able to get the first one next to the drop off lane. When we were leaving the building there was a car parked in the drop off lane with a guy sitting in the driver seat. What got my goat was that there was an elderly couple who needed to use the drop off area as the woman was not traveling well. But this selfish pig was parked there. They tooted the horn several times and he ignored them. I turned around and said try parking in a regualr spot. He gave me a dirty look. God forbid whitey would tell the black man what to do. So we get into our vehicle, come around and this pig is still sitting there and the elderly man is struggling to get her out of her van and into a wheelchair. I was livid! I stopped the car, rolled down the window and cussed that SOB out. His only response was FU... typical. As I have said, this typs of selfish, ignorant activity by ignorant arrogant blacks has been going on for quite a many years. Its worse at grocery stores, drug stores, video rentals stores, and fast food establishments. But it also happens at hardware stores, hospitals, and banks as well. Now I can hear the Liberals and blacks getting into an uproar because here is old white bread talking bad about the black man. Well they are going to have to just get over it. They are going to have to accept the fact that they are wrong. Black or white or orange, they should be told they are wrong and they are going to have to accept the fact that its not a racist thing, its a they're breaking the damn law thing. I'm also not saying that its always the blacks that do this, they are not. I've seen people from all demographics breaking this rule. But through years of personal observations, I can say without a doubt that the blacks are guilty 85% or more of the time, and the icing on the cake is their arrogance about it. Its all in the attitude. Its all about them. No one is going to tell them what to do. No one is going to make them follow no rules other than their own. Especially if the rules are police enforced or whiteys rules. They are arrognat, they are inconsiderate, and they are wrong, period. People need to start to complain so we can get something done.

In one local super market center, this problem was so bad people could not get into or out of the store as they parked so thick in the fire lane you could not get past with your grocery cart. The state had tried something a few years back where the fire marshall allowed fire cadets to ticket people illegally parking in the fire zones. Some Liberal jackass sued on the grounds that the cadets were not officially police, and they could not write binding citations. They won, and the cadets went away, and the problem continued to fester. People got so fed up with the violators and the vile attitudes of these people that they got a petition together and petitioned the owner of the complex to hire a guard. The merchants agreed to pay a fee to have the service, which has worked out pretty good so far. There are still hard core pigs out there who pull up and quick get out and get lost in the store for an hour. He cannot do anything about that situation as he has no ticketing power, and no way to move the offending vehicle. But if anyone is present in the vehicle they make them move it and park it. Its a start.

The root of the problem to finding the solution is that these shopping centers are considered private property. Police cannot just patrol them and write citations. The owners or the store managers must specifically make a call requesting the police come out and ask someone to move. These are very low prioroity calls, and sometimes the police just never show up. My idea was a proposal to our do nothing governor to have the state issued license for the shopping center owner have a clause stating that in order for the licesne to be valid they must agree that the police can come onto the property at any time and write citations for parking and other obvious violations without prior consent for the protection of the general public at large. This would produce a lot of revenue for the state, and solve a huge problem. I've requested this at least 4 times and never hear a word from Dover. At least I get a hearty FU from people breaking the law. Write to the governor and your reps, and write often, maybe we can berate them into addressing the issue.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

No More Free Ride

I hope its as obvious to everyone else as it is to me when they read this story about Delaware State University and Mr. Sessoms. Here you have a predominantly black university, run by a man of color who is actually doing a good job. He is making the changes that are required and approved by the board, yet the students hate him. Why is this?? I've read the whole article and there is no obvious reason for anyone to not like Mr Sessoms. He's doing a wonderful job. He's closing loop holes and clamping down. The students only complaint are an unexplained statement about Sessoms chipping away at the legacy of the university. They never give any details, just bitching and lame examples with no substantiation what so ever. Let me venture a wild guess. Before Sessoms arived on the scene there was a buddy system in place maybe? Something like previous presidents showing favoratisim towards certain staff, and not addressing gaps and low standards and requirements for passing classes, admissions, and graduation. Now all of those favors are being eliminated and/or just plain not offered any longer and everyone is in an uproar because their free ride is now gone. This is suprising in a way, but I guess even blacks can attack blacks when their handout or easy road is being eliminated. It seems to me that Mr Sessoms is being unfairly attacked for doing the right thing, and Gasp!, against blacks to boot. No more lax requirements, no more lax admissions standards. Sounds good to me. People need to "Earn" their way. They have to put out some good effort to get into places and do well in them. Universities, or workplaces it makes no difference. This is particularly hard for blacks as most of them live for the easy road, and the freebie. Too bad, their just going to have to bone up and actually put an effort into something for a change. I hope Mr. Sessoms continues on this correct path and does not cave into the whiners and crybabys. I also hope he does not face any type of power play to remove him or reduce his abilities to do an outstanding job.

Speaking of colleges and universities. Its very sad that Liberalisim has infiltrated our learning institutions as much as it has. We all need to fight this and get this situation turned around as soon as possible. The other evening in Texas, Ann Coulter was a guest speaker. Ann is a very intelligent woman with a sharp whit and sharper toung, espeically when it comes to Liberals and their crap. During her appearance she was constantly hackled by Liberals which is about the most shallow, infantile, and ignornate thing anyone can do, but we all know Liberals have no shame. It got so out of hand that Ann said she would take no more questions unless things calmed down. They did, but very little. She continued and answered a question about her view on Marriage. She correctly stated that marriage was a commitment between a man and a woman. Hackels again, followed by an ignorant and vile question by some Liberal hymie who was promptly arrested and rightly so. There of course was a mass exodus as God forbid any other chicken little Liberals should have to pay for their ignorance, and disrespect.

First, its a huge red flag to all of us with working brains that Liberalisim has taken root well in our colleges and universities and this is unacceptable and dangerous. Secondly, it shows a true example to Liberalisim and how its twisted logic works in real life. Liberals are always spouting off their big mouths with words of peoples rights and how everyone has a right to protest, everyone has a right to dissent, and everyone has a right to express their ideas and they should all be accepted warmly and embraced even if one does not agree with what that person had to say. So now we have this example, an example of Liberals attempting to not allow another person to speak their mind and offer their views. The Liberals are all in an uproar because they disagree with what Ann had to say. So where is all of the compassion, the tollerance, the acceptance now Liberals? Well, true to form, their ideals only apply to those who believe the same as they do. Any opposing views are not subjected to the same rules. Hypocracy at its best. My motto is that Liberalisim has no place in the classroom. This proves my point exactly. Leave the younger impressionable, gullable people grow up and observe and make their own conslusions instead of having to be indoctrinated into a position which Liberal teachings are doing.

Is it just me or is anyone else getting sick of these murdering jackals over in Iraq? Every damn day you hear of some jackal Islamic jackass blowing something up and killing multiple numbers of innocent people. Why are the Iraqi people not outraged and in an uproar?? Why are they not taking to the streets and raiding the houses they know are havens for these murderers? This is a huge mystery to me. I also do not quite understand why we do not position a huge contingency of troops on the back and side borders of a town and have just as large a contingency come in from the front border and start a systematic house/building by house/building shakedown to find these jackals and kill them. Something is missing here and I cannot nail it down. Its seems that its far too easy for a jackal Islamic radical jackass to perform his deeds. You'd also think by now that its obvious that these jackals are targeting police stations, recruiting stations, and government offices, and that barrier walls would be errected around such places so as to prevent damage from car bombs and missiles. Why is this type of defense not happening? There is power in numbers, and the Iraqi people need to all get together and go ballistic and drag these jackals out into the street and shoot them.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

They Can't Let It Go

Things are a little slow again today, but I want to comment on something thats been in the news the last several days and has no business being there being all blown out of proportion. I want to address this RunAway Bride fiasco the media and police have created. This whole story really shows how anal and vindictive authroities can be. Jennifer simply got cold feet and ran away. There are no rules for adults to call authorities or family members and let them know when they are running away and why so they don't waste their time and resources. Typically if an adult runs away and you go to the police, they tell you to come back in 48 or 72 hours. Then they just fill out a report and dispurse the info for the patrol officers to keep an eye open. Jennifer did not cause a country wide manhunt, the media and over zealous officials created that mess. Jennifers only mistake was when she saw how big this was getting, she tried to make up some excuse to make it not look so bad on her. She had no reason to feel that way, but she did, and she did a dumb thing in making up a story. Outside of that minor infraction, nothing out of the ordinary happened. The authorities all acted like this was a 5 year old who had been kidnapped by Chester The Molester. It was not, it was an adult who had every right to walk away, take a trip unanounced for a week, a month, or even a year. That was her choice and was completely legal. But now we have these bleeding heart stories about some cops who missed a funeral and now she is a criminal. This is disgusting. The authorities need to admit they were sucked in by the media hype, and way over reacted. It was them who wasted their resources on this matter. There was NO evidence of foul play to justify them going into a national alert mode. Her stupid story was caused by the hype they and the media created, and came long after they had already needlessly wasted money and time, and God forbid, missed a funeral. Charge her with a misdemeanor false statement infraction and cut her ass loose.

Monday, May 02, 2005

My Card Trumps Yours

Not too much to comment on today. I was away all weekend and nothing much was in this mornings news. I did want to congratulate the councilman from Elsemere who won his seat. Obviously the residents agree with his position regarding the illegal immigrants, and have sent a message that they want him to proceed. There was a letter on Saturday or Sunday where someone was still bitching about how the ordinance would be a violation of the illegals rights and that they are only racial profiling people that have not broken any laws. Well, they are wrong. If they are in the USA illegally, they are breaking the law. Why is this not crystal clear?? The moment they snuck into this country and set foot on our soil without the proper authorization they became a fugitive. At that point the police have every right to stop and question them in order to determine their true and correct status. Its not racial profiling either so lets get off that bullcrap its getting tired.

The other issue is with this girl in Florida who was handcuffed. She was only 5, GASP!, and its causing a big uproar..... amongst blacks. Too damn bad. If she was two years old and assulting people, and distroying property she chould have been caged or cuffed for acting like an animal. If the shoe fits wear it. But lets all be honest. The real issue here is that she is black. If she was white this would never have been in the papers at all. Blacks need to get over this bondage, and being forced to follow the laws and rules like everyone else = racisim crap. The girl was out of control, she was wrong, and she got cuffed. It was the right thing to do wheither she was black, white, yellow, or green. So take your racial trump card and shove it up your collective black asses, we're tired of hearing about it, and seeing it being abused.